Roku Not connecting to the Internet

The quick fix: make sure your router’s DNS settings are properly set to an External IP address. If DNS1 or DNS2 show  up as internal IPs such as: 192.168.1.x, then your Roku won’t connect to the Internet.

Big props for finally cutting the cord! Streaming content is the future. Now, most of them time, the Roku device works just fine when you hook it up to your router via wireless or wired connection. However lot’s of users are reporting issues connecting at setup, and others complain of sporadic issues. One issue typically encountered is the auto play of episodes in a series hangs when a segment ends. Here are a couple of options that might help you fix your particular situation.

  1. Check your Wifi’s security settings in your router or hot spot device. Depending on your router and ISP these settings are accessed when setting up Wifi security. Make sure you are using WPA/WPA2 TKIP and not TKIP/AES. There are know compatibily issues with Roku devices and the AES security algorithm. AES is more secure and most people would set their network up to default to AES. Try changing the setting to TKIP and see if it helps. While you are in there, change the network name, to avoid confusion with saved settings. Password does not need to be changed…but you can if you want.
  2. Set your routers Public DNS to Google’s DNS servers. Using static DNS addresses could solve your connection issues. These addresses are and This setup worked for me when my roku refused to play the next episode in a series after finishing an episode.

I’ll add to this if anything else comes to mind or is suggested in the comments.