Coinigy Review – The Blomberg of Altcoins

CoinigyCoinigy develops and markets big data solutions for the crypto currency market. There flag ship product is a charting and trading platform that caters to the needs of bitcoin and alternative crypto currency traders. Coinigy allows users the ability to trade across multiple exchanges all from one seamless well laid out interface. You can use Coinigy to track your balances across numerous exchanges and consolidate your trading efforts in one simple intuitive interface. Coinigy is cloud based so there is no application that needs to run on your local hardware which also makes the coinigy platform OS agnostic. No funds are actually stored with Coinigy, just your API keys for accessing each exchange you trade with.

Coinigy uses what they tout as the Universal Exchange API. This API allows anyone to fetch, process and analyze real-time data across all supported exchanges. The newest API allows trading between exchanges to assist with Market liquidity and allowing for near instant arbitrage. Coinigy has effectively built a one-stop shop for anyone that is interested in building automated trading bots and services that would require analyzing real time crypto market data.

Coinigy is known for their high definition charts and low latency chart updates. Charts update in real time, on all supported exchanges. There are many technical analysis tools available for charting and researching trends. Coinigy also supports alerts across desktop alarms, email and SMS price action movements. You can also use Coinigy to keep track of your overall crypto portfolio value. Just add your wallet addresses and presto!

Coinigy has secured 100K in seed money financing and I would keep an eye out on this company for investment opportunity. I have a subscription and absolutely love the service thus far. With a guarantee of 99% up time, what’s not to like right?

What really stands out about Coinigy is the design and the customization it offers. The coinigy site is extremely responsive. You can customize the background, wallpapers and indicators as would be expected from charting applications. You can also customize the alert sounds, Coinigy even includes the Mario Bros. coin sound everyone would recognize the the popular 90’s video game.

Coinigy also has a community of users. There’s a group chat where you can usually find one of the Coinigy developers actively participating in discussions. You can post your trading and charting ideas and find regular updates about features, and updates. Coinigy has also developed a Chrome extension call Cryptoticker. You can use this extension to track your crypto portfolio with just a simple click on your browsers tool bar. A nice feature if you are at work and just need to peek every once in a while.

Coinigy makes it easy to open multiple tabs and track numerous coins. Over all the charts updating in real time, beats most exchanges hands down. Before I stumbled across Coinigy I found my self opening several tabs on Bittrex, or Poloniex.

There is also a referral program, so if you are thinking of signing up, click on this link and get started.