Directv Can’t Login – My Own AT&T Nightmare

This is probably the most frustrating issue I have ever had to deal with. I’ve been with Directv since July of 2012, we subscribe to a premium channel package, NFL Sunday ticket and I even pay the extra fees so that I can watch programming on my iPad’s and streaming devices. I was pretty happy with the service, with the exception of the high fees that they charge. At one point I made a call to them and the rep was nice enough to cut around $25 a month off my bill which was averaging around $140 a month. I read an article on the web that said “All ¬†you have to do is threaten to cancel because your bill is too high.” That actually worked.

We have the Directv Genie system. A DVR in our living room and two IP connected smart receivers in our bedrooms. I have the Directv app on my android smart phone, and on my iPad.

In case you don’t know, AT&T purchased Directv back in August of 2015. The merger was approved by the FTC making AT&T the largest content provider on the planet. That’s when my problems started.

I have been unable to login to my account since September of 2015. Multiple calls have been placed with their customer service department. Numerous hours that I will never get back, arguing with support reps that have no idea what the problem is. We have reset the password, changed the email address, cleared cookies and my internet history, changed browsers…. all for naught. Still I get his dreaded message each time I attempt to login to my account.


For the record, I have never been an AT&T customer. Never not once have I had their service. 6 different reps, have tried to help, none of them were able to accomplish what should be a simple task. I’ve threatened to cancel my service, one rep had the gall to tell me that I would be stuck with cancellation fees if I did that. Um, hello maybe if you fix my problem we wont have this issue.

I pay extra to be able to watch Sunday ticket games on my iPad and mobile device. Yet, I cannot access those services. The last rep I spoke with told me that I would get a credit of $5 a month for 6 months to offset not being able to access the content on my non satellite connected devices. Thanks, but what I really want is my access restored. I’ve been using a Roku stick on a new smart TV in my office and I really like the programming choices and ease of use to add channels.

If this keeps up, I will no longer be a loyal directv customer. I will just switch over to a simple local cable plan and save myself over a $100 a month in programming fees and headaches with my account access. Directv, if you read this, please get this sorted out. It’s really getting old.