Finding Gems on Youtube

youtube1I have long been an avid ‘tuber’, frequently spending hours clicking away on whatever caught my eye or imagination while sitting at the helm of star ship Internet.

YouTube is addictive to me, more so than any other social networking site. Facebook? zzzzzzzzzzz. MySpace? bleh I talk to my teen age daughter on occasion, watching her grow up from hundreds of miles away.

I can surf the ‘tube’ for hours, finding amusing clips of people being themselves, people acting the fool, or music clips from just about every band in existence.

Myspace and facebook bore me to tears. This probably has something to do with the fact that I know nearly no-one from HS or college years that are on FB. A few family members and the current people in my life are there. I have 30 something friends on FB and I think I know almost all of them personally.

Part of me thinks that the appeal of YouTube comes from the variety it presents the surfer. Literally there is something for just about anyone. Internet marketing? check. Hilarious skits? check. Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock? check.


Yeah Jimmy! Whatever your tastes my be; there is sure to be something there that brings a smile to your face. Maybe even a little inspiration to create something yourself. Maybe you would like to pay tribute to something that inspires you. Maybe secretly you want to be like Eddie Vedder and play Jeremy on the acoustic guitar like this girl did.


I tried to offer her a job singing for our band, but have yet to hear back. Think she might move from Brazil to Tampa? Probably not but you never know. I think that is one of the most interesting features you can find about youtube. Connecting with people that are there, sharing vids, ideas, music, laughs.

Sometimes the comments are absolutely better than the actual video. I have spent a lot of time, in tears laughing so hard at the comments. Some of the normal people out there can write better material than Dane Cook.

As of lately though there has been a rash of copy/paste comments about completely useless and boring topics. You’ll see these mostly on popular videos. Something to the effect of….

If you copy and paste this worthless hunk of text into five more videos, while you stand on your face, bark at the moon, and recite the alphabet backwards, your best friends sisters fiance will come over and stick an ice pick in your eye on the third Tuesday of next October.

Moving along it’s fairly safe to say that this is a peek into the future. A time when entertainment is a touch away, no matter what it is. Even extreme¬† slingshot bungie from the back of an ATV humor…youtube has is it all.