Chrome WebStore Down!

Yes, its not loading any extensions or apps at all. It’s been down since around 6:30pm EST. The site refuses to load any pages at all. Just flashing an error that says the page could not be loaded, with a message to refresh to try to reload the page.

Which does not work, instead you just get dumped on the stores home page. Clicking on any icons or doing search reveals extensions, but nothing will load that would allow you to install something.

That affects my livelihood as well as quite a few other developers I am sure. Curiosity has me thinking an explanation should be in order…I wonder if that will ever come. Nothing yet in my email box and its been a solid 6 hours. Nothing trending on twitter…but there is a couple tweets that mention that Google has brought group publishing to the Webstore today, and that broke it. Nice job Google! Way to go!