Stop Talkatone from posting Gtalk status messages

If you’re using the TalkaTone app on your iPad or iPhone to place and recieve Google voice calls, you might be aware that the app frequently sets your status message to something akin to an advert for this app. I had no idea, but it was pointed out to me by a friend that my status message kept flipping back and forth from the status I have set in Gmail, to the TalkaTone default status message. Something along the lines of….

(on push) on Talkatone for iPad ( — free calls and texts over WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE

Once someone pointed this out to me, I removed the offending app from my Ipad. This did not stop the status message from flipping back and forth. How annoying! I like the idea of using the Ipad with Gtalk, and decided to re-install the app. Once the app was re-installed it was fairly easy to stop the status messages.

How to stop the TalkaTone status message from displaying.

Fire up the app, navigate to Settings and select the Google account you are using with TalkaTone.  There you will find the Status Message, which I just deleted completely. I suppose if you use multiple devices, like me, I use a desktop, and my Galaxy S3 is always connected to Gtalk you might have some competition for status message updates. I don’t have the issue with my Android, just TalkaTone.

It’s possible you could probably just log out of gmail and set you iPad’s TalkaTone app status to tell people you are on your iOS device. That might be overkill for a large majority, but if you found this article then you are probably one of those users that could use some tips on managing your multiple IM clients. Getting them to cooperate can be a little challenging.

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  1. Any thoughts on how to totally remove the gtalk status message? I have uninstalled the talkatone app on my ipad, but when notice that my status message is still set to the “ad” for “(on push) on talkatone for ipad”. I event tried reinstalling the talkatone app and setting this message to something else and it works when I have the app running, but I no longer want the app and no longer want anything to do with talkatone, yet it is keeping that status message even when I am not logged in. I cannot go invisible on any other device or the web. Pretty upset. Somehow talkaton still has control. I even changed my gmail password. No such luck…any advice? Thank you in advance.

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