Magic Submitter Review – BackLinking 101

This articles focus is my own Magic Submitter Review – Today’s Internet Marketing gurus want automation. The Magic Submitter lets you do exactly that! Just imagine, you click submit, sit back  and wait for dozens of powerful back links being automatically created pointing back to your web site. This amazing new submission software created by the genius of Alexander Krulik. Magic Submitter is specifically designed to submit your unique content “anywhere and everywhere”.

There are many tools on the market that promise the same type of service. While some of these tools are effective, there are many others that are just a complete waste of money. However, The Magic Submitter public version  has been described as one of the next generation of tools for link building. The Magic Submitter has the ability to support several different sites that you can build links and submit your content to; additionally, it has a great designer that will enable you to add any website into the program.

Magic Submitter what does it do?

  • Autopilots the account sign up process
  • Intuitively lets you add 100’s of additional sites that you want syndicate content to with its “Design” features.
  • Naturally gives you quality back links
  • Add additional sites using the Magic Submitter Designer functionality
  • Includes video tutorials walk you through every aspect of the program

This program gives you an opportunity to bookmark your content and  links and then submit them to RSS feeds, by doing so this is giving you complete leverage over your SERP rankings. To make things even more awesome, all the text input fields in the Magic Submitter software support  spinning, making it easier to release thousands of unique articles, and as we all know, search engines love unique content.

Magic Submitter How do I use it?

Before you can start using this link building tool, you will first need to create your own unique profile. There is a pretty slick ‘Fill Profile’ feature that automatically creates a unique and completely random profile for you to use, all with just one click of the mouse. Next, you will then need to enter a valid email address, for use with your profile. You can choose Yahoo or Gmail, and Magic Submitter can create an email account for you to use automatically. By default, this program does not handle Captcha, however, it does come with support from If you decide to use this you will have the option of automatically solving captcha, if you want to pay for that service. After you have created your new account, the very next step is for you to start creating and building your back links.

Some may find this product to be a bit intimidating at first. I feel that it is indeed more inclined towards intermediate to advanced marketers. Regardless, the amount of tutorials will allow the novice to comprehend the concepts within a few days. It is definitely an important tool within your internet marketing toolbox.  The designer view is totally what sets The Magic Submitter apart. The rest of the link building software does not have this feature and this alone makes this product worthy of having in your link building arsenal. This software is outfitted with a browser window on one side and a workflow editor to the right. The browser window will allow you to select content and specific elements of a webpage, and then to transform them into operations in the workflow window.

As an example, Magic Submitter will let you choose links and buttons for specific click operations. Then you can select and identify from each of the signup fields, there is a training video designed to help make sure that you’re on the right path. Magic Submitter is a fairly new product and the only criticism I could find was the intense 3 hours of tutorials. This is important stuff, while many may feel comfortable diving in an winging it. It ALWAYS makes sense to watch the tutorials so you do not miss an important step. The creators of this software have created professionally written and narrated content that explains every inch of the Internet marketing and back linking blueprint. They touch on listing the names of the social bookmarking sites, which is great for beginners, but was time consuming for me!

The team at Magic Submitter stated that there are nearly weekly software updates, with many new sites being added so you can put them to good use for your SEO efforts.

If you’re still wondering if The Magic Submitter will work for you, then I recommend you use the product through the 60 day trial period and experience the enviable results first hand! Sign up through one of my links on this page and I get a little love in the process. Good luck out there.

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  1.  Magic Submitter is such a great piece of software, I absolutely love it.
    I’m actually an SENuke convert myself. I find that Magic Submitter is a
    lot cheaper and does much more – it gets my vote every day of the week.
    What’s even better is the fact Magic Submitter only costs $4.95 for the
    first month – which means you get plenty of time to get used to it!

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