Social Monkee Review

Social Monkee ReviewSocial Monkee Review – This article will attempt to provide concise and thoughtful information on automatic back linking of content developed for keyword search traffic.

Social Monkee what is it?

Social Monkee is a website that is supposed to help you create extra back links through an automated one-click and push-the-button to post system. Free accounts can pickup 25 backlinks per submission! So what are backlinks and why should they be important to you?

Backlinks are basically incoming links to a website. Think of them as votes. The more votes you have the more likely you are to win a competition. Back links are often achieved via signing up to various social websites and posting your website’s content links to the social profile. Social Monkee is designed to do this for you automatically. Placing your link in multiple, popular locations on the web signals to the search engines “Hey, this site must be pretty important” and will skew search engines in your favor, and your content will more likely to rank higher in the search results.

Social Monkee Does it work?

Social Monkee helps you save time. Can you imagine having to individually post your link to various web sites, one by one? That is entirely possible yet very time consuming. Why not use a plugin that automatically does this for you. Social Monkee will create 25 backlinks to your web property for free, each and every day, as long as YOU use it. In addition you can upgrade to a premium account, that will only set you back a $47 one time fee. The part that I like the most is you can refer 12 people, which will elevate your account to premium status. Which you will then be able to do 100 backlinks 3x’s a day. That’s just awesome link juice.

Here are some pros and cons to using the Social Monkee system


  •  simple push-button system
  • cost-effective
  • no experience needed
  • build tons of backlinks
  • reports to keep track of backlinks
  • Premium membership
  • training video to help you
  • it’s not the get rich quick scheme you typically hear of
  • results are usually pretty slow
  • just one tool of many in your online efforts.
  • a tool that can shorten your work load of building back links.

Social Monkee Review – closing thoughts

Creating backlinks is one of the most important aspects of getting your content ranked. It is crucial to getting organic traffic through search engine optimization. After reading other Social Monkee reviews as well, it seems like this tool is not at all a scam and could be extremely helpful in boosting your site in the search engine rankings.  Social Monkee should be one of your many tools in building and ranking sites. It should be used as a tool for making money online. However no one tool is going to make you rich overnight. Internet Marketing just does not work that way, although many marketers will have you thinking that way. Then again there’s nothing better than good old fashioned hard-work, consistency, and determination! Do you want to achieve success at making a living from the web? I do, I am determined to make my living this way. The heck with the man and working for someone else.

I certainly hope that you will find this Social Monkee review helpful and insightful. If you are thinking of using this tool I highly recommend it. Please sign up below through my link so I get a credit. For those out there that  are looking for a legitimate way of earning a living online, I wish you much success.

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Update:3/28/2012 I have been running a test with some pages on this blog. I created a HostGator VPS review, originally published on March 8th, 2012. This article which initially appeared in spot 15 for the phrase HostGator VPS Review. After submitting to social monkee, with no further back linking that page has crawled up to spot 9 on the first page of Google’s SERP.  Yesterday it was in spot 11.  So I can confirm that this platform does indeed help with boosting SERP’s.