HostGator VPS Review – only The VPS you should consider

HostGator VPS ReviewHello and thanks for stopping by to check out my article on HostGator VPS Review. Let’s dive right in and get started shall we.

HostGator is a fairly strong and rapidly expanding hosting company that now boasts over 7 Million domains. They take great pride in offering reliable hosting and great support. They offer 5 different types of hosting plans; shared, seo hosting, reseller, VPS and dedicated. Today we are going to talk in more detail about the VPS hosting solution that HostGator offers.

A VPS or virtual private server is a server that has been split into several different servers. Within this split environment, there is a complete operating system, dedicated memory and hard drive space. Each individual Hostgator VPS can be fully managed, rebooted and configured according to what ever needs you may have.

HostGator VPS Review

Let’s cut to the chase, this HostGator VPS Review is a review right? If you are into specs they have 9 different levels of VPS specs, starting at the bottom for only $19.95 per month your VPS will have 500Mhz of CPU, 384Meg of Ram and 250 Gig of Data. At the top level, your VPS server will have 6 GHZ of CPU power, 4435 Meg of Ram, and 3150 Gig of Transfer for $209.95 per month. Most users will probably want to use the level 3, at $39.95 per month. This is also the lowest level of managed service. The support team at HostGator is fantastic. You might as well forget about any lower levels unless you are a very confident and experienced Linux admin.

Their servers are all Dell Poweredge class running CentOS Linux with full root access. Something very important if you are into managing many domains. Here are some good reasons why a HostGator VPS might work for you.

HostGator VPS – What to look for when choosing a server

  1. You have the flexibility of full root access. You can alter core files, install monitoring software and manipulate your server anyway you see fit. This is something completely impossible on shared hosting.
  2. Have multiple blogs? Not an issue at all with HostGator. Let’s say that you are starting up another blog. You no longer do you have to pay extra fees for hosting. You can just setup your new domain subscription and assign server usage rules to your new domain. It is a very easy process that over time will save you a lot of coin. I currently run 24 blogs/websites from my VPS without a single problem.
  3. You no longer have to worry about sluggish load times during peak traffic hours. Shared server hosting is famous for being slow during prime internet time. Why? Mostly because a lot of other websites are hosted on the same server that you are using (hundreds maybe even thousands) are all consuming your processing power. With a VPS, you no longer have to worry about those performance issues that haunt site operators during the times when you need your site to run at its best. With a 99.9% up time guarantee, you can bet that your site is going to perform well.

HostGator VPS  – Closing thoughts

All in all I have been extremely pleased with HostGator’s VPS package. I currently use level 3 and have not had one severe issue yet. I have lots of room to grow with this option and have the ability to sell space if I so desire.

I’m also a SEO consultant, so site speed is a concern for ranking my sites. Like many professionals have said before, shared server hosting is just too slow and unpredictable when you need it to perform the most. You can completely avoid these issues with a VPS. Using a virtual private server will also help with having your content crawled much more frequently and quickly versus a shared server, which in turn will help you get more pages indexed and listed. I truly hope this helped you and enlightened you on the path to VPS nirvana! If you are thinking about using HostGator, Click through on my link so I get a small %. Those checks help me to take my girl out to dinner. Here is the link to HostGator’s VPS Plans. 🙂 You can also use the coupon code: SummerOf69 for a %25 off discount.

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