CTR Theme – Adsense Theme Review

CTR Theme – The Ultimate AdSense Theme

CTR Theme for WordPress makes it extremely easy to build content rich informational websites. Designed to be monetized with AdSense, these themes achieve awesome click-through rates (CTR). AdSense is the most popular of hands-off recurring income, however we often see sites that leave a lot of money on the table, by either having bad designs or under optimized ad placement, or poor SEO Tactics. I have been using this theme as of late for micro niche site building and the results are truly amazing.

Annoying Stuff CTR Themes Automates

Let’s be honest.  If building sites didn’t take so much energy, you’d have way more of them up and running, earning a nice income from each one.  It is not easy — for most people it’s not fun to identify ad placement locations, blend the ads colors, find a workable and stable theme (or build one) that draws attention to your ads and still looks decent, then update CSS files with minor adjustments, etc.  The list of  tasks goes on and on. CTR Theme will put an end to that.  That’s the day to day stuff you have to do to launch a site that earns well, that takes  time — time you could be spending building links, writing content, or spending the exorbitant amounts of money you’re earning from your premium AdSense sites 🙂

Honestly, there are much better things you can be doing than constantly dealing with this sort of minute details.  CTR Theme automatically:

  • Blends your ads to the theme
    No need to make separate changes to your CSS files and at your Google AdSense account.
  • Implements proven high CTR-generating ad placements
    You don’t have to figure out what gets the best CTR — they’ve already done it for you!
  • Randomizes ads to avoid “ad blindness”
    With a single click of the button, you can choose to randomize ad placements between the Google-recommended positions. That means every time a visitor comes to the site, the ad layout could be different. This minimizes “ad blindness” and results in improved click-through rates (CTR).
  • Implements fast-loading code / design
    CTR Theme is optimized to load super fast, helping to reduce visitor bounce rates. With site load time now being used as a ranking factor, you’ll never have to worry about your site getting hit with a Google performance penalty.
  • Allows you to disable ads for certain referrers
    Don’t want that DMOZ editor to see ads when they come to your site? Block dmoz-referred traffic from seeing ads. Get initial momentum at StumbleUpon by hiding ads, then display them when traffic is pouring in… you get the idea.
  • Google-Recommended Ad Placements
    Google AdSense representatives occasionally contact high-earning websites to recommend ad placement improvements. CTR Theme implements the Google-recommended placements that have helped niche sites earn over $4,000 per month (and sell at auction for as much as $80,000).
  • Full Featured Admin Panel
    No more messing around with theme files or hunting for the right plugin to place your AdSense code or adjust theme settings. CTR Theme’s admin panel makes short work of these tasks.

If you are seriously considering building small micro niche sites, designed to attract traffic and get clicks then you need this theme. If you order through my affiliate link below I will offer a rebate of $15 via PayPal. Just forward your confirmation email and I will process your request immediately. Keep in mind there is a processing window with all click bank orders. Order CTR Theme By Clicking Here!

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