My Fortress of Solitude

luxury-rain-shower_12I am not Superman, although sometimes I feel like I should be. The demands of normal everyday life put a lot of stress on a guy. Sometimes being the man of steel sounds pretty cool. I’m not even close, but I do have my own little fortress of solitude.

I am talking about shower time. ThisĀ  is where I can really relax. Feeling the sensations from the warm water running down my body brings meĀ  inner peace. I am truly alone here. This is my fortress of solitude. I am one with my own thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams, and desires. This is where my mind tends to gain focus.

Often creativity inspires, I am a newbie blogger, so topics come to light. My business plans/ideas are born. My thoughts turn to the people and things that are important to me. Ideas spring to life, as I am washing away the previous day’s grime.

Often I will just stand there, momentarily letting the water wash away the stress of everyday life. Hanging my head under the spray letting the water run off me soothes the soul.

If this was the only place ideas hit me, I would be naked warm and wet all the time. Fortunately for me and the people that know me and would rather not see me naked, warm, and wet. I can think outside the shower too.

Somehow I don’t feel alone in this. There has to be more people that feel this way. I wonder who they are. Do you find solace in showering. Do you?