Regions Bank Sucks – Regions Sucks With Their Fuzzy Math

Regions Bank sucks plain and simple, they need to go out of business. Why? They are thieves! Here is what pushed me over the edge to the point where I need to rant. We have two accounts with Regions Bank, One personal and one for our business, JobShouts is earning money but it’s tight. There is not a lot of room for anything. Well we have a few automatic transactions that ping our debit card/check card when needed. Credit card processing fees, 2 server hosting accounts. Well we were $7 or so short of our monthly deduction for our dedicated server box. Guess what happens next. We get hit with 3 overdraft fees at $36 each. Yes we had three separate transactions in one day and they dinged us for each transaction. Not just the actual transaction that over drafted the account. We never asked for over draft protection, and have requested numerous times that we do NOT want this service. Apparently business accounts cannot opt out? I don’t know.

Keep in mind that if I were to go to a store, and try to buy something while I was seven dollars short, that transaction would be declined at the register. I don’t get this at all. How can they authorize a transaction when there are not adequate funds to cover the debit? If the card was declined, I would have gotten an email from my service provider to use another card or update your information. NO Big deal at all.

This has finally pushed this normally tolerant and respectful guy over the brink. Add in the fact that we tend to agree with LH over at the patriots war about the general attitude of regions employees. Read this article for a WTF moment or two.

My sentiments exactly, take you money out of these types of banks, put your funds into a local credit union. I know where we will be banking next. NOT at Regions. They are thieves.


Update 4/3/2012

This bank is a joke. I can only blame myself for not moving our accounts soon enough. They have responded to a twitter message…since 12,000+ people follow out twitter accounts. What do they say, “Fees can be frustrating, we will be happy to review your account. DM us your phone number.” Since we have done this before with them, and their explanations make no practical SENSE. We have to pass on hearing their LINE OF CRAP again. The gist of it, yes we overdrew an account by approximately $27. Shame on us. Here is where is gets RIDICULOUS. Since there was 6 transactions on that date, They are charging us 6 fees. Never mind the order of highest to lowest. Any 5 of those debits, in any order, would NOT have overdrawn the account, no matter what order they came in. $216 in fees. Makes no SENSE at all. Makes me sick that they do this to those it hurts the most.

Thievery from the customer, I hope they go out of business. Regions Bank Sucks. That is all.