Invite All Friends to Like Page – Facebook Help

Invite All Friends to Like Page – Ok, first let me say that there is a way to invite all friends to like a facebook page. There is just one pre-requisite, you must download and install Chrome. Chrome is Google’s own browser. Not that there is anything wrong with Chrome… just that most people do not use Chrome. Install Chrome from here.

Once you have Chrome installed and running you need to install my Chrome extension available from the Chrome Web Store. The same extension I wrote to allow you to invite all your friends to an event, also works to invite friends to like a page. There is a short tutorial on how to use the application as it applies to event invites. However, this application can also handle page suggestions to your friends as well.


Reminder! Scroll to the bottom of your invite window to load all friends. If you found this post useful….please take a moment of your time and pay a visit to our sponsors. They help keep this site free and helping people like you.

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Here is a video clip showing the plug-in in action