Review – Free Screen Sharing Application is a great application. This Free Screen Sharing application allows computer users to share desktops across the internet. It is not bidirectional, however control can be passed back and forth so users can control the other users desktop. It can also be used for desktop viewing. Live webcasts, Presentations, Remote Support, check! Not only is the integration seamless and nearly transparent to the user, the best part is that it is platform agnostic. Windows, Mac, Linux? Yes as long as it can run flash and java your golden.

To share your screen, one must simply download a small application to your Windows or Mac OS X PC. Then send the 9-digit code generated to your collaborator (an email is automatically created). They either click a link in the email, or navigate to the website, enter their code, and they can instantly see your screen.

Via a single click on the interface you can enter VoIP or Instant Message your screen sharing participants. You can give them access to your deskop via the ‘Share control’ feature, should they need to make changes to whatever you are working on. And because the screen viewer requires only a Flash-enabled web browser, plenty of mobile devices can view your PC’s desktop, too.

The service also includes a free conferencing bridge that supports up to 250 participants.


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  1. Web conferencing appliances from RHUB also offer application sharing, file transfer options, chat, annotations, whiteboard functions and webcam support.

  2. I am using ShowMyPc now; however, it has occasional interruption and lost signal problems. I was considering making a change to pro version of Join.Me. I like all the features, the knock to enter, etc. The only thing I can’t seem to get a straight answer to is whether or not I am able to specify an Application on my PC to share…. I don’t want my members to see my entire screen just a small window application that contains daily stock picks being updated in real time. They’ll take that panel and place it in a corner of their monitor. Please advise if this is possible, thanks

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