Lets get back on track!

cant_do_it_rightHave you ever had one of those days? When it seems that nothing is going right. In the last month I have had too many. Enough already! Maybe if I blog about it the demons will high tail it out of the house.

Have you ever had one of those days extend into months or even years? Given the sad state of affairs that the economy is in. I could do without these things at all.

In the course of a few days last month I lost my main PC, my personal bank account was levied, my auto’s battery died, and Social Security denied my claim for assistance.

All in all not a total loss as I still have my soul mate, my sanity, my clients, and some wonderful loving people around me.

My trusted and beloved PC aka \\speedy met an untimely demise right in the middle of a site design. Just up and shut down, only to beep at me when i turned the power back on. Grrrrreat I said as I moved to my laptop to continue work.

Keep in mind i am 42. I wear reading glasses to read anything closer than 3 feet from my nose. Yet I still have 20/20 vision with respect to anything just out of arms reach. So moving from my generous 19″ monitor to the little 14″ laptop screen lasted about a week. I broke down and sprang for a new main rig so I could resume a normal PC lifestyle that I missed so much.

Spending $600 for a custom build was not an easy thing to do. Biting the bullet, I opted for an AMD processor this time around. Really strange because all of my life I have been an Intel fan boy. The economy made me take the road le$$ traveled.

I opted for the Phenom 2 Quad Core running at 3.0G. Since I am not much of a PC gamer(xbox live is my deal) I grabbed an Asus Mobo with a built in Nvidia chipset. A 500G Sata2 HDD, 4G of Corsair Memory, a 550 watt corsair power supply, and a Cooler master CM290 case. Definitely top shelf and will hopefully live just as long as \\speedy did(4 years) under constant power.

I spend about an hour assembling \\speedy2 while the rest of the house was quiet. In the morning when I removed the HDD from old \\speedy I dropped the drive on the tile floor. from about 2 feet high, enough to dent the ABS plastic. AAAArrggghhhh

There went 3 years of my digital life in one ‘fell’ swoop. 80G of my personal music tastes. My own personal recording projects, thousands of pictures. All of them, gone. I put the drive into the new machine, and was greeted with this odd clunk, clunk, clunking noise of  epic proportions. Immediately followed by my lip curling, nose flaring, OMG all my emails are gone kind of remorse.

Wait a sec, I thought I have used gmail for almost all correspondence lately and had outlook set to leave a copy on the server. Sweet they will still all be there.  The music? all replaceable, it will take me time, This time it will be more organized. Now that when I want a song, I go get the artists entire discography from torrent files.

The pictures I will miss the most. There was some really good ones in there of my loved ones. Looking back I could have backed them up to CD or DVD, but for some reason, I did not listen to the advice I have given to thousands of PC customers of mine. BACK UP RELIGIOUSLY!. If your reading this and have any inkling of a thought that you should make copies, do it now! Don’t put it off you never know.

Here’s the real kicker and what also made me write this today. I can make more digital memories. I might have lost some 2 dimensional representations of what has happened in the past. I did NOT lose the real people that were in those memories. I still have them in my mind(for now) as I have not lost that yet.

So my goal is to get back to whats real… building memories, making friends, helping people in the ways that I am good at. Many great 1 on 1 connections have been made in the last 2 months with our business. It’s time to move to the next level. Time to get back on track.


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  1. This is why I love you! You always know how to bring it back down to earth and into perspective. We’re a pretty powerful team. Just sayin. 🙂

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