How to Get a Website for Free

How to Get a Website for Free….Well if you have finally decided to take the plunge and get a website, here is a FREE way to do just that.

Sign up for a free account at . Yes you can do it totally free and have your website be something like Or if you really want to splurge and have your own domain name like then just spend the $8 or so a year at Godaddy to register that domain name. Then point it to It is very simple and quite cost effective. It’s not exactly How to Get a Website for Free, but damn near the next best thing.

The only real drawback is the amount of control over what you can do with your site. does not allow for customization of plug-ins, core files and other things that you may regret later down the road.

Hopefully you have a plan and an idea of what purpose your website will achieve. If it is a site that offers information about your products and services along with some pictures, graphics and video. Then this is your best bet, you can modify the look to achieve a custom feel. You can also manage your content without any knowledge of  HTML or web site programming.

Another major perk of hosting your site on, it never goes down….Well very, very rarely. Most small hosting packages that you actually pay for will be slower and less reliable than this free resource. There you have it How to Get a Website for Free.

Any questions leave them in the comments.