Our site on local channel Baynews 9

Wow! that’s about how I sum up the feeling of seeing your work recognized in the media. Thurday Feb 26th, 2009 exactly 1 month after launching JobShouts. We were given that opportunity.

Robin was our PR spokesperson that day, appearing for a whole 2:43 of Television coverage. I sat in the control room watching the event take place.

they left me alone with all those buttons?
they left me alone with all those buttons?

That was probably the highlight of the year for me. Seeing our project develop much faster than expected was a huge rush, I wonder if I had a silly grin on my face as I sat in the Directors chair.

When I shot this twitpic Robin had just sat down, in the web center, I could see her on a small window just above the closest monitor on the left.

I could also see a shot of the NYC side of the Hudson river. Odd I thought, I wondered if they were watching for another plane to land there.

A few moments later 5 people came into the control room to run sound checks, position cameras, cue teleprompter scripts.

I must have been grinning like a schoolboy in a candy store.

Cue lights, sound, roll tape er spin up the HDD, ACTION 🙂 Erica Riggins conducted the interview in typical conservative bn9 fashion. After an initial introduction The questions started.

Robin was amazing on the monitors for the amount of anxiety she must have felt. I give her kudos for only stumbling a couple times. I fully expected to be briefly interviewed about what topics were of interest to the viewers, before taping. Next time we do a little more prep work.