Information Sites – Where to look for information

So, you are looking for some information I take it. Well you have found something that might make your life easier. Everyone knows to look to Google for information needs, yet what if you can’t find what you are looking for? What if that information is contained in a system that is NOT accessible to the mighty Google? What if the information you seek is in a Civil court record? Maybe you would be better off searching through Property Appraisers records to find out where John Smith used to live.

Wiki = Information = Already crawled and indexed by Google.

Circuit Court Records = Not crawled and usually requires a login to search and view legal docket and proceedings. Keep in mind also that Family Law records will actually require a trip to the court house to view.

Background Checks = The easy way to find out information about someone. However these can be misleading if you do not have enough information to find the correct person. Just the name is not enough unless it is a rare name. Date of birth and social are typically required to perform an accurate background check.

I use and recommend Intelius for Background Checks. We use their Instant People Search to find current and unlisted phone numbers, addresses etc. Search billions of records by maiden name, SSN, or by phone number.