Facebook All Invite – Invite Friends on Facebook 2012

Facebook All Invite 2012 – Surely you have grown tired of clicking and clicking on friends that you want to invite to an event. We all know what a pain it is to add a bunch of people from your friends list whenever you plan an event.

First: Create an event, then click on whole bunch of people, sit there and click, and click. So I created a chrome extension, whch will run some javascript back channel magic that will do it for you! All in just a single click.


This simple Facebook All Invite 2012 Chrome extension will make an event organize or participants life so much easier. However this is only tested and running on Google’s Chrome browser. If you have not used Chrome, it is a fast, efficient true HTML standards web browser. It’s Free and developed by Google.


You will need Chrome installed or click here to install Chrome before proceeding.


Reminder! Scroll to the bottom of your invite window to load all friends. If you found this post useful….please take a moment of your time and pay a visit to our sponsors. They help keep this site free and helping people like you.

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Here is a video clip showing the plug-in in action


23 Replies to “Facebook All Invite – Invite Friends on Facebook 2012”

  1. Hi Mike. looks like facebook have changed the code again on there pages, and other way to quickly add all friends to a group other than this?

  2. OMGEEEEEEE Thank you ever ever ever ever soooo much. at first I was afraid it would be a virus. I am always nervous about that. I tried alll the pasting the java links and they did not work. YOU ROCK!!

    1. Just used it, works fine as it has been. Do you have other plug-ins installed in Chrome? Please provide a list of any plug-ins you are using, so I can research for incompatibilitys.

  3. Amazing job with your chrome extension inviting all friends in one shot to facebook. I also liked that did not have to search too long on google, so you’ve done a good job with your SEO. Thanks!

    1. I’m sorry, the instructions are pretty clear. Do you understand that you need to be using Chrome browser and to click on the link in the article to install it?

  4. Hey Mike, I downloaded the plugin and used it on an event where I already had invited a lot of people to. It still told me to narrow my selections. Should I wait until the next day to give others a chance to respond or does the plug in only work with events that are ‘fresh’? I noticed on your video demonstration that you had friends that were invited already.

    1. How many friends do you have? I use lists to narrow my friends list down to manageable numbers and you can also sort by those that are in your location if you set it in facebook.

  5. Seems like installation, and selection of all friends work perfectly. The clicking has ended! Though, how would one get around the “narrow your friend selection” nonsense that facebook has imposed? It seems that while many of these “select all friends” scripts and apps work, but no one has found a way around the limit to the number of invites that can be sent.

  6. Wow!! How much are google paying you as an affiliate? You have done an awful lot of smooth work promoting chrome and put tons of search terms in the article to entice us in, but very little about the actual quesion… ivite more friends to an event without breaking the finger!

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