What is SEO Services

What is SEO services? To explain it simply, SEO services are what a professional skilled in the art of search engine optimization would perform on your website. These services should be designed with a purpose in mind. Typically to bring more traffic to a website and to increase awareness of a product or services that is provided through a web site.

SEO professionals work with your existing content to make sure the right people are finding your website. Good SEO can take a website to new levels and conversion rates.

Let’s do a basic comparison of a website. For our example purposes we will say our website sells weight loss products. The URL is http://newweightlossproducts.com

Scenario A; Your marketing manager wants 1 million visitors within our first three months of operation. He’s very determined and spends $7 per thousand for banner impressions on a huge network, but skips over SEO thinking that traffic will puch sales into the stratosphere. $7000 dollars later you have had your 1 Million visitors and have only a modest 800 sales. Your conversion rate sucks, as it sits at .00125 percent. You fire your marketing manager and start looking at other alternatives

Scenario B; Your marketing manager is smart and wants to optimize the site which is already keyword rich. He hires a SEO professional at $5000 to come in and get the site ranked for your keywords. He’s not interested in a million visitors he’s interested in making 3000 sales in his first three months. Within three months we see a modest 150,000 visitors but you have made 4500 sales at a conversion rate of 3%. Time to give your marketing manager a raise. What he’s done is targeted specific keywords that people search for and optimized your site so that people will find it. Since good SEO will bring in targeted traffic, your visitors are more likely to buy what you are selling, versus showing a ton of people something they might not be interested in.

That is what SEO services can accomplish.

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