10 things To Say On Valentines day

valentine_clipartReviving an old post to see how much things have changed since I wrote this three years ago.

Wow the last week was such a rush. our project has received a lot of focus. A lot of kudos, and interesting things happened. Most of what I said here was related to that. Some good, some not so good.

I took some time to reflect on what has happened in the last few weeks. Some quiet time alone tinkering with my wounded desktop, crashing my server and then reviving it. In between sporadic attempts at getting things done my mind tended to wander. So in the interest of lightening the mood…

Here’s my list of 10 things I want to say to my girl on Valentines day.

10. Hey sexy, how about you and me and some clean sheets.

9.  When was the last time I told you how stunning you are?

8.  If you make me feel any better, I just might burst into flames.

7. You get what you put in, so umm when do you wanna start to getting?

6. The first time I saw you was like the last time.

5. some people make music, our song is from our love.

4. The day I made you cry the earth stood still. 🙁

3. The next smile you see on my face will be because of you.

2. Craigs List Rules!

1. We are strong, we are bold, forever young never old. IOUR

Hope everyone else has a great Valentine’s Day!!! cheers

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  1. You are the sweetest man I have ever known.

    The peace, love and happiness that you give to me every single day is all I need. Well that and you, me and a clean set of sheets. 😉

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