TV Scams – Scams on Television

It’s pretty discouraging to watch certain commercials on television. Today there are some very unscrupulous merchants and downright con artists competing for your hard earned cash. Have you ever heard the saying “don’t believe everything you hear”? This is especially true for television ads. I have heard some of the most ridiculous claims, “We can clean up that old computer and make it run faster than a new one” or “Gold has skyrocketed in price recently” Buy our 14mg gold plated non US-mint replica”. At at  %1500 markup of course.

I have written a few articles about these types of scams perpetuated right in front of thousands of people everyday. is certainly out to TAKE MONEY FROM YOU. They in no way shape or form have a service that is worth what they charge. Add in the fact that they are listed as a severe THREAT by McAfee.

Keep your eyes peeled and if you see another suspicious scam on television, drop me a line. I would love to feature these utter and completely BS services to help warn others.


Geek out~