JobShouts vs. JobAngels

This had to be written, two separate ideas, two separate entities, one a cause, ours a business adventure.

JobAngels was the thought of one guy, Mark Stelzner. He was watching the twitter ‘stream’ one morning, he saw tweople talking about job loss, job searches, #jobs hashtags, including @jobshouts. That morning of that first memorable #jobangels tweet was January 29th 2009.

JobShouts was 4 days old and had pulled in close to 400 followers, by chirping out job ads from recruiters, and HR personnel we had connected with. A lot of people liked what we were doing even @chrisbrogan, and @shelisrael gave us props 🙂

JobShouts was built as a site before we went live.  Open Source based,  modified with additional classes and functions, enabling us to talk to twitter. We built a site to compete with the big boards, without all the fluff, we just want JOBS. Being free I bet we can get a lot of them. What do you think?

A conference call was setup between the principals On Feb 11th 2009. The attendees were @tall_geek, @imjustagoyle, @emploerbrander, and @stelzner. We participated in a 30 minute conference call. Discussions centered mostly around what we were doing, suggestions of complementing each other by linking to each others sites. I offered a front page logo and a page to describe their efforts.

JobAngels won’t have a site for a couple more weeks. They are setting up a legit non-profit corp.  crossing their t’s and dotting the i’s so to speak. Mark was pretty adamant about their need to “own their data”.  That is the reason the site is not live already at Ning, or KickApps. We applaud their efforts, but  I question for the need to “own” all that data. If your just a bunch of volunteers trying to help people get jobs. Why do you need to own “all the data”?

Jobshouts is a job board. A simple to use, free place to advertise that you are hiring. Because we are active with it and have built it around twitter, and social media, that has brought us some attention. Nice, but I don’t think we were ready for it.

Now it’s up to us to deliver. What good is all that attention if we don’t deliver something of value. JobShouts aims to do just that.