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After reading Jim Durbin’s SMHeadhunter’s blog with some disdain, OK a lot of disdain- I just thought I would toss out some literary for further discussion. That same disdain I felt after reading the LA times piece but much more pronounced. A lot was left out of the interview we had with David Sarno and for good reason. Why  Jim takes it one step further by stating,  “It’s just as likely that it will just be a waste of time, cluttering up the Twitter stream.”

With the recent surge in spam on twitter, what would you rather see legit job offers or “Buy my social media advice crap” IDK. I mean come on Jim a useful app comes to twitter and you think we are bogus? Do you live under a rock? You claim to be a SM Expert? Hah please. I am no social media expert but in the 2 weeks since inception, Jim is the first to toss out anything negative about our concept. I have heard a lot better comments from far more influential twitter users who feel otherwise.

Our goal? is not to litter the stream, not just shouting jobs for attention. It’s to provide employers a place to advertise that hey, where hiring! for cheap. We offer a more cost effective approach. Jim mention’s there’s Indeed &  Dice for that.  Well they lost a lot of money last quarter. That industry is in flux and ripe for a different type of competitor.

We think we can make a difference, in that market. The LA Times did not write about how our targeted search will work. Since it is untested & is not released to the public yet. However we are very close. Great features are coming Indeed.

Neither did they mention how our postings will show up when people actually use google to search for jobs instead of the 7000 other “networked” boards. He fails to mention that surge in job search traffic. Indeed has talked to us about having our jobs in their database so our coverage will spread dramatically. We’re not just shouting jobs, we are building a future for the small and medium businesses that do not have the HR or recruiting budgets to adverise on the $300 a listing boards. Whether you like that or NOT Mr. SMHeadHunter that is the core of the American workforce.

As far as discrimination goes why is twitter any different than linkedin? You have a picture there as well. LinkedIn is considered by far the place to be for business networking. Twitter search has been referred to as the real-time google killer. I doubt this but that makes one hell of a statement. Once more and more users realize that amazing search feature and begin using it in earnest who knows.

Somehow jobshouts has been swept up in the jobangels effort. Kind of cool that we are in the same article.  We absolutely love what they are doing, and will volunteer our services as well. However that was not why we built our site. We launched just 4 days before that first #jobangel tweet. Their efforts are grass roots, and have been doing wonderful things. We will help them in any way we can. Robin will donate her services to those that need it. I will help people with sites and plan on offering another type of shout service just for jobangels.

We will become angels ourselves since we are fairly well “networked” within the recruiting industry. We want to help people network and build strong relationships. We also feel that we can run a successful job board that will give the big $$$ sites run for their money.

Realizing that is going to take time, and viral networking to a new level. However I am totally shocked at the results I am seeing in google organic thus far. For long tailed search results people are finding our jobs and applying. Hopefully we can grow this into something useful. That is our goal. That and being flexible enough to change as needed.
I get the impression that Jim did not play in the sandbox enough, or that maybe his mom did not teach him the “if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, dont say it all” concept. Peace be with you Jim. Next time you might want to assemble all the facts before writing a piece you clearly know nothing about.

Michael S. Quale

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  1. “Where you see valid achievements or virtue being attacked, it’s by someone viewing them as a mirror of their own inadequacy instead of an inspiring beacon for excellence.” – Vanna Bonta

  2. One of your owners reached out to me in a lame attempt to publicize that LATimes article you mock. You’re going to have to learn to take criticism more graciously if you want to succeed. And you’re going to have to improve your reading comprehension. Did I say Jobshouts is bogus? No. I said it was a good impulse, but implementation by the Twitter community would be problematic.

    You don’t offer “legit job offers.” You offer posted jobs. Hell, you can’t tell the difference between Indeed and Dice, yet your platform pushes the data out to SimplyHired. Do you understand the concept of vertical search versus a job board? Your post doesn’t show it.

    Unlike you, I’ve been in this space for four years. You can carve out a niche business for yourself, but if this is how you react to a mild comment on your service, you need to grow up before starting a business.

    Free job postings isn’t new. It’s not unique. Your service will succeed or fail based on the network you build up around the product, not some fancy technology promises that seemed cool back in 2004.

    Do some research, then get back to me.

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