Review – SCAM ALERT!

More than likely you have seen this site on TV. is another scam perputated on national television. They have been advertising extensively for a long time. Their website claims to be able to connect you with past friends and former aquaintances. They also claim to be able to tell you who is searching for you.

“Really? who could be searching for me?” you might ask. This is where they hook you. They initially tell you that they will tell you who is searching for you for free. Technically they do, however once you enter your name into their site, you will be “given” information such as “4 Women and 11 Men are searching for you” . You may even see some specific information such as “A 27 year old woman who lives in anytown, USA that went to Any University is looking for you”.

What they won’t “give” you is a way to connect with these people, To see the details you must become a paid member. Get this; what Facebook accomplishes for free, someone else wants to charge for? Ridiculous right?

If you decide to become brainless (hey watching zombie movies all night can do that, I know) and give them your credit card number, you’re going to be in for the ride of your life!

Reports exist that state that once you establish your paid membership, the list of names of people that were supposedly searching for you, are complete strangers. Angry customers state that is making up the list of people that are supposedly searching for you. I decided to test this site a little myself, for free of course. I would never give a scammer any personal information and I do all of my website testing inside a virtual machine.

My testing consisted of entering a lot of nonsense information. A name like “Rhylikeas GhThjhgst” returned matches that several people were looking for me. Hmmmm, intriguing right? NOT! Basically what this site is doing is collecting information about you, they ask for social connections, email addresses all with the intent to market their products to those who are not yet members of

Their terms and conditions even outline that they will scan your email contacts and friends lists. They also state that “by signing up for, you are also signing up for services from third party institutions”. Though these third parties or their costs are not given. It sounds like that as a paid member to this site you are going to be in for a lot of headache.

Reports also criticize this company for claiming to only charge a certain amount, then actual charges are far more that what they stated.

Here is a snip from another popular review of

“This is why customers have experienced signing up for membership on one day, and sometimes within 24 hours their credit card has been charged with over $60 of extra fees.  Other customers say they expected to pay a low amount for their monthly membership and ended up with almost $200 in charges after the month subscription was up.”

In addition we have discovered that their is indeed, and as expected, class action suit filed against in the state of California.


If you’re looking for a way to connect with former classmates and co-workers stick to Facebook. This site is definitely not worth the time.


Stay safe, Geek out~

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  1. I attempted to sign up for their one-month membership, got billed for a full year and now my credit card company won’t reverse the charges. In addition, when I try to log onto the site, they claim I’m not a member…what a scam. This is as close to theft as it gets and my credit card compnay is helping them….anybody got any advice?

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