Windows Virus – Window cleaning for Virii

If you are seeing a pop-up message in your system tray that states Windows has detected a Virus. Or maybe it says “Security Warning!” Does it look like this following screen shot?




Stop using that computer because that program is going to try to steal your information AND get you to buy a program that you DO NOT need at all. This is a particularly nasty, regenerative virus that cannot be removed by most A/V programs. It can however be removed with some persuasion and persistence on your part. It would be wise to disconnect that machine and use a USB stick on secondary computer to get the files you are going to need.

If the malware blocks the installation or execution of MalwareBytes’s Anti-Malware, Dr.Web CureIt! — a free on demand malware scanner may be used to weed out the main malware executables. Use an alternate browser like Firefox or Chrome or if you have connection problems use an uninfected computer to download the following free tools and then transfer these to the infected computer using a removable drive.

Proceed in following fashion:

  • Boot in to Windows Safe Mode
  • Install and scan with AVG Virus Removal Tool. Making sure that you update the program after installation.
  • Install MalwareBytes’s Anti-Malware (mbam-setup.exe Direct download), Open and choose a full-scan. Once the scan is completed, click “Show results“, confirm that all instances of the rogue security software are check-marked and then click “Remove Selected” to delete them. If prompted, restart immediately to complete the removal process.
  • Turn System Restore off and on.
  • Restart in normal mode and repeat the above scans

You should now be clean of this rogue. Hope this helped you.