How came to be.


When we built, Robin & I had decided to build a highly effective, simple to use and cost effective solution. We wanted to provide a way for employers to connect with candidates easily and affordably. A free solution to the over-priced listings on monster, career builder, dice and several other prominent boards.

On the top boards ad costs can average around 3-400 dollars per ad. However that industry is in flux. Monster and Dice have reported staggering losses in an industry that once thrived. Social media is getting a lot of attention as a way to network and connect for job-seekers. Is the pay to post job board soon to be a thing of the past? Will they adapt and change to suit the market? Only time will tell.

During this economic crisis jobs were being shed by the thousands. I was taking a long hard look at open source job boards & more specifically jobberbase. Open source software is a great way to build a foundation on, without the high costs of commercial software.  The downside is it often does not do everything you need, and can contain “glitches”. I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of a wonderful developer familiar with jobberbase. She was very helpful, answering my questions from overseas somewhere in europe within hours.

A basic job board was up and running in a matter of hours. I was vaguely familiar with Twitter’s API and knew that we could tweak the jobberbase code to integrate with twitter. Wheels began turning, a few twitter php scripts were looked at. I put some of my old code skills to work, then Voila!

On the night of January 25th, 2009 My code jockeying was successful and I was able to post a job on our board that echoed the listing to our @jobshouts twitter account. I was excited seeing the potential for this to grow into a very useful tool for both sides of the employment fence. We decided to proceed into beta phase immediately calling on our very short list of twitter followers to help us test and work out any bugs.

I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of Martin Piriano, a super nice guy that was out of work and looking for something. I asked Martin to help us test, go ahead please try and break it. Let’s see if jobshouts can handle everything you can throw at is. Fortunately he was not able to break it, however Martin did point out several bugs, and made some important suggestions for feature enhancements. Most of which will be incorporated in our next software release.

We spent hours researching what  job boards were popular, what they were doing, how much they charged to post jobs. We determined that there is enough quality career advice, job coaching, and networking sites already out there. Let’s just focus on building a simple, fast, and powerful job board. An easy to use, free to post resource. A job board that will get the attention of employers, recruiters, and candidates alike.

The biggest bonus for using this free board? One that most people do not even realize yet? Your jobs are indexed with google within a couple of days. In addtion, we have talked to and our site has been submitted to their job crawler, this will increase candidate traffic immensely. Not only will your jobs be tweeted they will also show up in search results on the network.

We are seeing a gradual increase in search queries linking people to jobs on our board. Search engine traffic will take time. Remember we are only 2 weeks old, a nobody in internet speak. Today does not have the authority to attract the masses from search alone. However we are getting there a little more each day.Your linking to us will help. Did you know you can show our jobs on your site or blog? has an exposed api interface, for more information on this check out our API.

Taking direct aim at a very large industry, one that is deeply entrenched may sound like we are off our meds. Then you have to look at this in another light. How many free job boards are out there? NO other job board is totally free and incorporates direct twitter messaging. NONE, there are some that will tweet their feeds through RSS, but one that is highly targeted? Nope not one.

By now you might be asking what do you mean direct messaging? I have only watched shout every job posted into the twitter stream with the #jobs hashtag. Stick around our next software release will not only send a tweet about the job, it will also have the capability to direct message our followers. Once you have signed up for a job seeker profile at, any posted job that matches your location and keywords, you will receive a direct message alerting you to the  new opportunity. Imagine sitting at a cafe pouring over the new listings on CB, or dice, your phone buzzes a DM from @jobshouts “new freelance opportunity in “your town” for your skill set”

Welcome to job search 2.0 how can we help you today.