review – It’s another scam! Lookout!

Another SCAM Alert:

It is amazing how many of these sites will pop up. will make my third article warning people against the same company that sells junk software like these other posts; and

Apparently they think they can change a few keywords to stay ahead of the game.

Watch out for this one readers. This has been advertised in several prominent media outlets (I just watched this on comedy central) as being able to fix any pc. It can “make a 7 year old computer blazingly fast, even faster than a new computer”. This is just plain horse pucky.

Do yourself a favor and stay far far away from this product or any product that makes such ridiculous claims. If you are experiencing a slow computer, download malwarebytes and super antispyware. Update them both and let them run…preferably in Safe Mode. Another good program worth mentioning is the venerable and most awesome Spybot search and destroy available form or this direct link.

Be warned the WOT and McAfee both list and, and as severe threats. Closer inspection reveals that this web site is owned by a company called cyberdefender ( a known spyware company )

Have an experience you would like to share…leave a comment so other’s may avoid these types of traps.

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  1. Well said, Mike. The trend for these people is to not provide the advertised service and to mess with your money.

  2. they have taken 2 unauthorized withdrawals since I cancelled in Dec. 2014. They wont return calls and keep shutting my computer down thinking I will think I need them. In dec it cost me $500.00 to get my computer repaired when they supposedly were protecting it.

  3. I’ve just been scammed by these folks–and the temptation (which I’d avoided for a long time) seemed so innocent: updating Java. How they get away with this is awful–but in cleaning up the machine, we discovered many other things messing up the computer along those scam/hack lines. Question: where to report–or does that even matter??

    1. I was just scammed again by these idiots. I purchased their program last year and 2 months later my computer crashed. I bought a new computer and forgot about MyFasterPC. Last week they hit my account again without authorization. I have called with no answer, left messages, emailed with no response. Looks like they are going to get away with it, and now I have to go to the bank and change my debit card number and then notify all legitimate accounts of my new number. What a pain in my a– this scam artist has become

  4. My tech support, My phone support and My faster Pc are scams and credit card fraud, theft and a rip off. DANGER DO NOT GO THERE, USE THEM or let them log in on your computer

  5. I am a senior citizen who was recently widowed.I called the company because I couldn’t get my 2nd e-mail to connect to my server. I thought I was talking to a rep working for my e-mail service because the number was there. Before I could catch up with what was being said or even think,,I gave them access to my computer to fix that problem.The next thing I heard was about all the terrible problems detected on my computer that were going to slow me down, disrupt my programs, affect my computer, in the future, and how they, while they were there, could fix them all. They were very skillful, fast talkers and before I knew it, I had agreed to all kinds of things.Later, in all of that, I was reminded that I had signed on-line permission for the work and for a $200.00 charge.Then I was told to leave my computer while they worked. The work supposedly what I saw on the screen as they went from program to program on my computer. I knew enough to be slightly alarmed at some of the things I watched happening on the screen.When they were through, they quickly collected the money, had me sign off on the work and tried to enroll me in their service programs. Literally, I am usually a very savvy senior about such things and amazed at the ways people are taken yet, it happened to me on a day when I had little sleep and was emotional, anyway. In about 30 minutes, I came back to my computer and tried to log on to the internet and anywhere else I could with absolutely no success. Was fixed by my daughter, later, but, at the time, I realized I had been scammed, believed that the entire contents of my computer were removed and that everything I had on computer was going somehow going to disappear and leave me destitute. I could not think nor could I quickly get hold of anyone to advise me. During the next hour, I was frantic, feeling remorse at my own stupidity, felt my life was ruined and considered suicide. I called my bank and blocked accounts, finally reached my daughter and the police arrived to make a report just as I began to dial the Federal Trade Commission. That was on the 23rd and I’m still shaking as I write this because, I’m not yet sure everything is all right, yet.

    I am now waiting, waiting for a return call from them which may never happen since they usually do not answer By now, we have researched this company, I want my money back and know where I’m going next with all of this. I welcome your advice, all of it, and everything you know about existing lawsuits against this company.

    1. They just ripped me off again and I am mad as h-ll. I subscribed to their service, one year ago, within 2 months my computer completely died. I bought a new computer and let it go as a learning experience. I never dreamed that one year later they would take money from my account. I am a student and senior citizen and have a very limited income. These creeps threw me into overdraft and cost me more money, since I was not expecting their draft. I have been emailing and calling since last week with no response.

  6. Where do they get the right , after you cancel them, to try to make an unathorized withdraw from my account.

    1. fight the charges with your credit card company. This method is fraud and if you are diligent you will prevail.

    2. Me too. I wish there were enough of us to file a class action suit against this scam artist. I would truly like to see companies of this caliber put out of business.

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