review – It’s a Scam Lookout!

It’s amazing how many of these sites will pop up. This will make my third article warning people against the same company that sells junk software likeĀ and Apparently they think they can change a few keywords to stay ahead of the game.

Here’s the deal, they want you to download there crappy software so that they can up-sell you a cleaning service. This is a service that does not work worth a crap, it will actually cause more problems than it will fix. It will even provide over 400 warnings on a clean install of windows.


Stay away!


Geek out.


2 Replies to “ review – It’s a Scam Lookout!”

  1. I have new pc u are right all they try d to do is sell there product it found errors in my new pc what a scam
    i been using computers 4 12yrs same old crap

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