Cash 4 Gold – Review Don’t get ripped off.

You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV. Cashing in on the unwary during a down economy is making the owner’s of this scam a LOT of money. Here is just how their scam works.

Their commercial paint a picture of fear in order to capitalize on the recent changes in the economy. They are scaring people into thinking that they will soon be losing their jobs, their homes and their financial stability will be gone forever. Viewers are taken in and unwittingly send in priceless jewelry in exchange for cash. Cash is king right….yeah.

This sounds pretty normal so far, but here is the kicker. The gold that you send in is severely undervalued. Right now gold is at an all time high, over $1200/ounce. A solid gold necklace could easily weigh in over 15 grams, or half an ounce. That’s about $600 in gold. Cash 4 Gold would only offer $24.99. That is insance! When customer complain profusely are offered up to a whopping $75.

Unsatisfied with that amount for the necklace you bought for several hundred dollars?  Tough shit, because Cash 4 Gold will often “lose” customers shipments, recompensing them comparatively paltry amounts, and getting your gold sent back is a predictably futile miasma of customer service representatives who are literally paid to not do what you want.

Bottom Line….stay away, the convenience factor is great, However your local pawn shop should offer in the $10 to $15 per gram range. Three to four times what Cash 4 Gold will offer