Countour Ad Belt Review – It’s a scam…

In America, you can always bank on selling sex.  A lesser known truth is that you will never go broke selling to laziness and sheer stupidity.  Perhaps no product is better at this than the infamous Ab-Belts. This product touts using electrical charges to stimulate/contract the abdominal muscles. The belts claim to give you 6-pack abs while you inhale Big Macs and Cheez-Its.  As much as we would all like this to be true, there has never been, and never will be, a trick to losing weight besides diet, exercise, and large doses of methamphetamines.

Despite being repeatedly sued and slapped on the wrist by the FTC, the makers of these devices continue to adamantly insist that their product will give you the abs of your dreams, while quietly explaining that they actually will not in some hard-to-find fine print.  In a startling and incredibly rare fit of sanity, Americans have largely rejected these products, leading them to expand into markets such as China, where consumer protection often amounts to little more than a prayer and some origami cranes.

Really people if you want to lose that tire around your mid section get out and exercise. Shocking yourself repeatedly is just not gonna do it.