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Normally my reviews are positive and enlightening about a company or it’s products. Today we have the other type of review, you know the one where a company seems to have it’s act together but then shows their true colors once the purchase is made.

That is what I realized shortly after purchasing a $149 logo design package from the logo boutique. Their gallery really looked impressive, stylish modern logo designs, compelling sales pitch. I needed a good brand-able logo for my project. So I selected them from a handful of potential vendors.


What happened next completely threw me off balance. their ‘initial designs’ looked like they were done by someone in fifth grade. Completely horrible to say the least. I advised them of this, they responded with more CRAP.

Their design team is horrible. Not one of the 15+ designs I was forced to look at appealed to me or anyone else that I had the courage to show.

Once I had enough of their poor work, I asked to cancel the order and requested a refund.


Somehow during the course of this ‘project’ email stopped coming in advising me of updates to the message board. I had to logon to find out what was going on. I was informed that since the project had started, I could not receive a refund. That I could only get a credit applied to another project.

Hello! Why on earth would I want another project with these people is beyond me. They completely suck at making a decent logo. Save your money, head over to digital point forums and start a logo design contest. I have scored way better logos there for a lot less money. For $40 you can see the awesome logo Alicia Garcia did for me at The Red Sunday band website.

IMHO you will be wasting your time with the logo boutique. I waited for over a month to see if they would get it together and deliver….They cannot deliver.

Geek out!

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  1. Wow…that is great Michael…edit out some of my responses. VERY PREDICTABLE!!! Confirms everything that I said!!!

  2. I have to say that I just utilized them for our library’s Friends Group and was thoroughly satisfied with their work. My son recommended them to us as he used them in the past for both of his companies. Logo Boutique was recommended to him from another company that was a client.

    We had to have a logo done with very little cash AND the logo had to satisfy a BOARD of very different opinions as to what the logo should look like. Logo Boutique nailed it in less than the allotted concepts and did a logo that is very unique to other logos in the same type of groups.

    When I had read this, I almost went with a different company that would have been one hundred dollars more. I AM SO HAPPY I DIDN’T AND INSTEAD LISTENED TO MY SON! I already have plans to use their services on my own company.

    Oh, and before someone tries to discredit me…I am an MBA with 13 years in the business development/marketing field and have been part of many, many logo designs that cost our organizations a whole lot more than $99.

      1. As I said about the discrediting…maybe it is the customer and not the company! Maybe the customer is the @$$hole! And actually, your response just answered that question!

        1. Yes 2+ years later they are still trying to clean up there shit image because people read reviews before buying, and since I have first page search results they come here with shill reviews.

          You are the minority of satisfied customers on this website. My services pay my bills and my customers seek me out repeatedly.

          There is NO WAY that someone that had a good experience with this company would seek out a review after the fact, and leave such a glowing review. In the REAL world, that does not happen

          1. Yeah, I am sure they are.

            First off…you only show 3/10 concepts…which really makes me think that you are simply trying to write an “instigatory” post to get stuff started.

            Second…if you consider this to be a professional blog and use the type of unprofessional language. You just continue to reiterate anyone’s opinion when they see this.

            That is funny…when Logo Boutique made the same comment re: repeat customers you dismissed it…so you have as much credibility as you gave them. And last time I checked…a company such as yours should be to make a profit…not to pay bills but that comment in itself says a whole lot.

            Ummm, yeah in the real world it does happen..because YOUR REVIEW almost had me spending more money for a NON PROFIT that they don’t have and it would have been done unnecessarily! So, you better believe the fact that I wrote this. Your post based on 3/10 concepts (when who knows if it wasn’t to have your cake and eat it too) Given your further posts to my responses…it shows that I was correct in responding to this blog post.

        2. I bet you like the designs that were submitted to me, you know the crap at the top of this post? Cool they are! That shit would get you fired at a real design job.

      2. Yeah, and they will wait 2.5 years AFTER your original post to pay someone to respond to your blog post. I hope people don’t pay for your services…cuz it doesn’t seem like it is money well spent if that is your business insight.

  3.  Fabianna – I am a new customer… I read this review and all the comments – while it did make me think i thought it still seemed like an awesome deal to at least try and I saw alot of positives on FB and other places as well. 

    No one has pointed out on here, but I thought worth mentioning.  I know some creative people are good at creating someone else’s vision – I personally have a hard time being creative when someone is trying to guide my hand through the whole process and think often times you get the best creative work when you give a little direction and then let them do what they do best – Be Creative.  Hopeful I will love what I see as much as I did the ones I saw on your web – already checked out the process and am and excited for my next project…a character (well if I have my way eventually 5 with an inanimate object also!)

  4. “Finally! A design company ,The Logo Boutique that delivers ABOVE
    expectations in an above average turn time. Flawless graphic concepts
    were delivered within 24 hours that encompassed the true identify of the
    brand. Creative was all original with no “cookie cutter” or template
    appearance – a refreshing quality compared to 95% of the others we have
    dealt with in the past. This team is extremely talented and should be
    commended on their efforts. Thanks again for all, we could not be
    happier with the results.” – Jason Pampell Conroe, Texas 

  5. I had the same problems, only what is worse, I ordered a much more expensive package.  I was also impressed by the work on the site, compared to other sites.  When I asked for my re-fund, they told me that I was two far along in the process, and they would either only give me half of my money back out of the kindness of their hearts, or let me continue to use their service.  Of course the second option they would not have a choice over, since I did pay for my package.  I read the terms and conditions on their page thoroughly before my purchase,  and I was still within the terms and conditions guidelines.  I had only had two design concepts, and my package was an unlimited concepts and revision package. I threatened to complain through the BBB, and they said they would do the same to my business.  What would they be able to complain about with me?  I had paid them, and didn’t like what I got, and all I wanted was my money back!  I was being completely reasonable.  Since my business is brand new, the last thing I would ever want is a bad mark before I even have a chance to get my name out there, so I settled for half of my money back.  I still have regrets over that decision, but now I am voicing my opinion anywhere I can. 

    As far as what The Logo Botique said in responce to your review:
    1.) Of course they are going to put their best design team for the big companies so they like you
    2.) My logos were just as bad as this guy’s logos, despite very clear instructions and countless hand drawn examples!  I don’t know how many times I had to repeat myself when it came to very simple things like changing a color, or font.
    3.) 60% client return rate is not very good, and I don’t think they should try to advertise that.  That means that almost half of their clients never return again.  Especially since they offer types of services that businesses do need more than once in the lifetime of their business.
    4.) They took 2 months to attempt at doing two concepts, and at the end of 2 months I was so fed up with them that I stopped!

    I also wish I saw this review before I paid them.  I hope others will heed our warnings.  I am not one to needlessly complain about a company.

      1. “Finally! A design company ,The Logo Boutique that delivers ABOVE expectations in an above average turn time. Flawless graphic concepts were delivered within 24 hours that encompassed the true identify of the brand. Creative was all original with no “cookie cutter” or template appearance – a refreshing quality compared to 95% of the others we have dealt with in the past. This team is extremely talented and should be commended on their efforts. Thanks again for all, we could not be happier with the results.” – Jason Pampell Conroe, Texas

  6. I just want to add that I worked with Boca Advertising/The Logo Boutique for several years on posters, ads and season brochures.  They are the finest products I have seen in my 30 years of publicising performing arts events.  I am sorry to hear you have had some problems with logos.  If you need to use your credit with the company I highly suggest you use it on designing  a product catalogue or print ad.  They are the best I have ever seen in those categories.  -Randy Mayes, Director, Yavapai College Performing Arts Center, Prescott, AZ. 

  7. I wish I had seen this before I signed up with them. I have been quite frustrated with the quality of logos I have received from them. The logos online are SO PROFESSIONAL looking but the logo concepts that I have seen are HORRIBLE- I could have done a better job myself. I am about to call them RIGHT NOW and demad that they assign the person who did the logos in their gallery to my logo project.

  8. I will Like to say, that I never take the time to write reviews but this people from the logo boutique just give me some extra time out of my day to say this.


    I share the concept that this people will STEAL your money because if you dont like a 5 year old design they will keep your money so make sure you dont go with this company.

    I called them to come to an agreement and they just didn’t care about the costumer.

  9. I guess it depends on your niche. I’ve struggled to find someone for my ice skates website. Monopods has gone from strength to strength though!

  10. I wish I saw your review before I paid them. The logos they created for review were horrible. Looked like they were done by a child using 90s clip art. I’m embarassed for them.

    1. Thanks for saving me the hassle!

      They do sound to good to be true and some of their Logo’s look great on their site. But those initial concepts you recieved were horrible……..

  11. I’m sorry but 5 concepts over 4 weeks is NOT a lot of effort. Your site states I will receive 10 concepts. The first two weeks I saw 2 concepts with three different font/color schemes. That is not what you advertise.

    You can refund whatever you think is appropriate. I will stick to my opinion of your company.

    I cannot post the entire message thread, it is way to long and I got my point across effectively.

    Thanks for coming by and commenting.

    1. I Believe You, I went to same thing with this company, I wish i have read this comments before paying them because after i paid them they didnt want to be responsable for the awful job they did.

      5 year old can make a better design I swear.

    2. IN MY VIEW: The logo boutique – Awful, arrogant, terrible service and accused me of being racist when I complained that I could not understand their English. I WOULD NOT USE THEM NOR RECOMMEND THEM. They did my logo and took them 24 hours to change a simple font; then, another 24 hrs for another font, and another, and another… I cancelled all other services and they tried to keep part of my money, until I said I would write reviews – then, they threatened to sue me if wrote a review!!!

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