Review – SCAM – MaxMySpeed = Rip OFF

MaxmySpeed .com is dangerous and will take your money. Recently I wrote about a site call This is a nationally advertised so called company that promises to clean up slow computers and make them run like new. Their ads are running on a National level.

As a Networking and IT professional this is complete BS. There is NO one click fix to cure an infected computer. It seems that this company just changes names and commercials whenever they please. Be warned they will have you installing a nasty program that will be only make your PC perform worse.

My last post received a lot of traffic and quite a few comments. Please read that post to see what we are talking about in more detail.

Make Sure you share this with your social networks, help us get the word out about maxmyspeed. If you are looking for a GOOD Anti-virus package, one that will clean up your computer from the malware that is slowing it down, I recommend AVG Technologies.

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53 Replies to “ Review – SCAM – MaxMySpeed = Rip OFF”

  1. Amen Brother. Thanks for the sound advice. I am still fighting their continual charges on my credit card for renewals. Their program did nothing but they got my credit card number when I purchased it 15 months ago and they continually try to charge me for renewals. I finally had to cancel my credit card to stop them. Why is this firm not being prosecuted for this fraud?

  2. Has anyone tried Auslogics BoostSpeed. I have been using it to clean my registry for quite some time and it works really well. I also use SuperAntiSpyware and Avast Internet Security software. Check out BoostSpeed from Auslogics – I think you’ll like it. I was about to buy a new computer but found BoostSpeed and it really cleaned up my PC. I have used many registry cleaners in the past but this is the only one that comes up with zero errors found – it may take 2 or 3 scans but eventually it comes up with zero errors found. The others always found errors after multiple scans and never came up with zero errors found.

  3. After watching something on tv that I am not sure of I go on line and look for a review regarding a scam, after I read the information, I do not pursue it any farther. I do not have money to throw away like that!! It is sad that some people do not have a conscious!!!!!!!!

  4. It is a shame they exist. And AVG is a good solution. But “The Best” is far from the truth. Definitely good, but getting a little bloated for my taste. I prefer ESET NOD32 AV, not the Internet Security Suite version, but their vanilla AV for a paid solution. For a free interim solution, I am seeing terrific results from Microsoft Security Essentials; though I know I will get flamed for saying that.

    My own business, outside the Army, is selling Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, and Microsoft Intune to small businesses. The End Point protection provided with Intune runs on the Security Essentials engine and it works very well. But none of them will help you if you use one of these online scamming engines. Use a local professional and never pay more than 45% the value of your current computer for any type of repair other than data recovery if that data is very important to you.

    That’s my input for this little hate party. Party on and rage against the machine. Those bastards need to pay for their thievery!

    The Armytech

  5. Thanks Guys,Was about to download when I saw your website Maybe someone should set up a webpage where users can sign a petition which can then be sent to the BBB or FCC to shut these people down and/or even prosecute. Again Thanks

  6. Beware of this company( I got ripped off. Do not trust and AVOID this company. They are not honest.They will charge hefty amount.

  7. Rule of thumb – never download anything. These kinds of sites will mess up your registry keys, and once installed, prevents you from going into your control panel to remove it. Never, ever download these things. As the OP said, AVG is the best. 

  8. AVG is the BEST out there and it id free!!!  My isp provides CA Suites free and nobody uses it. AVG is your best option!

  9. While I am far from being PC tech savvy, I have developed a good gut feeling to scams like these.  But I found this site and am very happy to have avoided a million headaches had I taken the risk and dl’d this crap.  I swear the people who design and sell these bunk program should be tarred and feathered and dragged through the streets.  Weasles all of them!

  10. Why Doesn’t anyone report them to the FCC about this?  They will look into it and if your claims are true, they will go after them!

    1. Most people will not follow through with something like that. Even the almighty FCC may not have any interested in this company. Most likely they are not violating any FCC mandated regulations.

  11. Whew!  That was a close one.  I almost downloaded the software, but decided to check reviews first.  Why is it the ones advertised on television are the ones that are scams?  

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  14. Yes,this is a scam they ask you to Dl there malware, charge u for a yr up to 300 to act like they are fixing there own crap off ur comp,word of advice don’t trust national ads like speedmypc or quibids both are scams and fyi quibids is actually a sister company of. .. wait for it….Scamway

  15. you are right this site is B.S.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  16. I thought about trying it,but like i always do i try to find out more by going on you tube or Wikipedia,and i came across this.These people are dirty,they must really pay big bucks to the media,because since this year i suddenly see their advertisements regularly,especially when I’m watching soccer on Fox .
    The world needs to know about their dirty scam.

  17. Let me testify that this is SCAM # 1.
    I have seen many commercials online so was curious. I just bought a new pc and said, why not try and see. Downloaded program, installed, ran scan, and wow…..3minutes later, it stated I have 431 errors. Hahaha. I have not even intalled any programs on this besides adobe and google chrome. Haven’t even done a system update yet. Do you think I should return pc or call maxmyspeed. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Thanks to all you good reviewers. It has really helped me in the past.

  18. Dear Sir I bought a program called Maxmyspeed, well that was the must stupid thing I ever done because now my computer is working very very slow.

  19. Has anyone tried removing your hard drive and installing it into an external hard drive kit and using a GOOD computer to scan the BAD drive as a removeable device? Infected Windows files can not be scanned while the hard drive is in use by windows.
    Thanks…that will be $49.94 usd please!  You could also try using a “rescue” cd usually provided free by some anti-virus merchants.
    Thanks again, that will be $7.97 usd.  Just kidding abooot the money!  Good luck.

  20. These dam foney programmes should be banned how do they get to advertise anyway,send them a virus and see how they handle it LoL.

  21. This is completely true, because, i just downloaded maxmyspeed, to check what they said on thier side, its been impossible to disinstalled, this thier stuff from my computer, and my computer is performing very bad , very slow, and they are forcing me to buy thier software.
    Help me if you can, i have tried to uninstall this maxmyspeed scam, they say its impossible, unless i buy thier stupid stuff.Help please, and thanks

    1. I had the same problem with MyCleanPC…….although I had to go to their “main office” to uninstall it, the process still left the “heading” in my computer and impossible to delete it.  They wanted to charge me almost $200.00 to “cure” the problem which prevented the uninstallation and cure.  Repair shop, here I come.

      1.  if you ever get stuck with a program and want to uninstall it get IObit uninstaller its free does not install on your computer and guess what kicks the living SH** out of what ever off your hard drive this is a small way to men..and re-installation..have a great day 😉

  22. I want to thank these people who commented on this site i was going to try it but thankyou i do not need more shit to fight about so many on the internet are nothing but want to screw a person we all got to say enough and even if they advertise on national tv its still not make it a for sure thing let them waste their money but i refuse to try this on my computor i will take it to where i bought it and tell it like it is and get it right again thankyou all for leting us all know abour this max my speed bs with it Thanks Randy

  23. Defraging your pc,and the disc cleaning method works for me.If you need assistance i’m on facebook.Look me up Eugene Bridges,my profile pic consist of me and my three grandbabies,it’s a quick way of sorting me out from any others with the same name,I also have dreads.

  24. Don’t use it.. plain and simple.  I did some testing with it: installed (non-paid/activated version) it on my laptop and let it scan.  It stated that I had 81 reg errors.  I then shut it down and scanned my machine with legitimate reg cleaners and fixed.  Rebooted and scanned with this scam-ware again and it told me I still had 81 reg errors.  Too bad people get dupped in this sort of scam.

    1. Thanks everyone for taking the time to WARN us. I just saw maxmyspeed on tv commercial and it sounds really good but I decided to check for review first. Am so thankful for all you good people for this WARNING. MAXMYSPEED you will be burned in hell for lying and taking advantage of people..

  25. Just like the old adage…If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.
    My gut feeling was BEWARE and after reading other comments, it verified my guts.
    In unity there is strength, geeks and non-geeks unite against jerks like them.

  26. They charged me 20.07 and although I did talk to a representative nothing was fixed, later my computer suspiciously would not start up. I sent it to be fixed as it is still on warranty but they couldn’t find any problems yet neither myself or the Staples tech could get it to start. Perhaps this was related to Maxmyspeed????

  27. If it’s sold on TV, it’s a scam. There is no truth in advertising. I hate commercials and usually mute them when they come on. You can’t trust anybody about anything . Make the buck is the bottom line. It doesn’t matter who you have to lie to as long as you can rob them. Don’t belive anything in advertising. Make your own decisions.

  28. I don’t understand how they can legally exist. Their grade on BBB is A+… if anyone was to know about the shady practices of these guys, wouldn’t it be the BBB? Yet they have a good score… I just saw another commercial, being an IT guy this stuff makes me FUMING MAD.

    1. if you knew anything about the bbb you would know that its the biggest scam there is. you pay for your rating with the bbb

    2. BBB is a scam in itself. People pay them to be listed and guess who they are NOT watching out for? Not John Q public, but the scams that are paying them. See “Empire Today” carpet scam for an example of how BBB is really a consumer scam and should never be believed in checking out a company. Sites like this is the best way to go.

  29. I clicked on Maxmyspeed for a friends computer thinking it could help clean my friends computer. It was very unfortunate but the folks at the website looked at friends computer and told me that he would have to spend (not free) about $250 bucks to clean it up; then, when he said “No.” because his computer was not that valuable, the company left a nasty piece of spyware in his computer. We then went to AVG and got the free additon and it cleaned his computer farely well. Afterthat we took his computer to a tech shop who told us the same thing about mms. DON’T USE IT!!!!

  30. Thanks for the info Mike! I always like to see a scam exposed and feel bad for the people falling for it.

  31. Agreed, I just subscribed to their service, paid $29.99 and I was told to call their toll free number. The guy just spent 30 sec to look at my pc and told me that I needed to sign up for 100s of dollars of support to get my pc cleaned. I then called them to give a full refund and I am on hold for the last 2 hours!! this is a scam. They are making about $3600 per hour at this rate!!!

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