For Twits and giggles…

So this morning Robin and I were sitting in Panera, joking around having a cup of joe. It’s a beautiful  Sunday, the next thing we know we start rolling off metaphors. Joking around making famous lines,  sort of twitterfied. Hmm twitterfy is that a new phrase? We replaced word(s) in some famous lines from movies, songs, speeches or pop-culture sayings. Creating these metaphors was pretty fun. You should try it.

By no means is this a comprehensive list. Just something we had a lot of fun with this morning. Have something to add? We would love to hear your famous twitterfied lines. In 140 characters or less of course.


All we are saying, is give tweets a chance. by the tweatles of course 🙂

This if for all the lonely tweeple. America

Tweet sells, but who’s buying…Megadeth

Love me tweeter, Love me tweet..Elvis


Twikipedia, the new twitter encyclopedia

If I don’t find a job soon, I’ll be out on the tweets.

To tweet or not to tweet; that is the twestion!

Tweet naked!

Tweet or get off the pot!

Hang tweet!

Twick or tweet! Hallotween

I have a tweet…MLK


E.T. , Tweet Home.

Here’s tweeting at you Kid…Casablanca

Hasta la twitter, Baby…T2

Twitter, we have problem…Apollo 13

Hi-Ho Twitter Away…The lone ranger

Tell me…. Have you ever tweeted with the devil in the pale blue moonlight – Joker from Batman

My Mama always said, ‘Tweets are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get”… Forest Gump

You have to ask yourself punk, did he fire 5 tweets or 6? Do you feel lucky tweeter? Do you?…Dirty Harry

Frankly, my tweet, I don’t  give a damn. Gone with the wind

Say hello to my little tweet… Scarface

You had me at twello… Jerry maguire

I see dead tweeple…The sixth sense

This one time, at tweet camp…American Pie

Who ya gonna call…Tweet busters

Star trek:

Captain, I’ve tweeted her all she’s got.

Tweet me up,  Scotty

Set your tweeters for stun.

Star Wars:

Luke, I am your twitter.

May the tweet be with you!

Tweet or tweet not, there is no try.

Finally in honor of the inauguration… from our Presidents:

Ask not what your tweeters can do for you, but what you can do for your tweeters… JFK

The only thing we have to tweet, is tweet itself… FDR

Four score and 7 tweets ago…. Abe Lincoln

Speak softly and carry a big tweet… Teddy Roosevelt

I did not have sexual relations, with that tweeter. Bill Clinton

So that’s it for now, what can you come up with Tweeple? Leave a comment, if we like it we’ll add it to the list.

Mike & Robin

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