review…SCAM ALERT – look out.

Watch out for this one readers. has been advertised in several prominent media outlets( I just watched this on comedy central) as being able to fix any pc. My Clean PC’s software can “make a 7 year old computer amazingly fast, even faster than a new computer!”. This is just plain CRAP. Closer inspection reveals that this web site is owned by a company called Cyber Defender ( a known spyware company )

Do yourself a favor and stay far far away from this product or any product that makes such ridiculous claims. If you are experiencing a slow computer, download malwarebytes and super antispyware. Update them both and let them run…preferably in Safe Mode. Another good program worth mentioning is the most awesome MalwareBytes available here.

Be warned the WOT and McAfee both list and as severe threats.

Have an experience you would like to share…leave a comment so other’s may avoid these types of traps.

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  1. I should have checked for a SCAM before I downloaded MyCleanPC. Like the others they hook you for $19.95 then tell you that you need a complete hard clean by a special technician for $99.00. All I got cleaned was my wallet, they said they would give me a refund. Right, 7 to 10 days, I’ll be waiting for that. Their download locked up and would not work unless I did the Hard clean for $99.00. Chock this one up to a big lesson learned. If I cant buy it in a Office supply store I don’t need it. BOHICA.

  2. They are a super rip off, i did it, yea big mistake I know now. They charged me 100 to fix it then 19.95 a month. After they so called fixed it my computer now crashes daily, never did before and I know they either put something in so I would have problem and they would be needed to fix them. The really screw people and I should have checked on line reports before buying, I will of course from now on but to late for this computer, hope it lives a bit longer till I can afford a new one, so last word is DON”T BUY FROM THEM< DANGER FOR SURE

  3. Hi Michael, my name is Bob and I’m one of the lucky ones who subscribed to My Clean PC and I should of thought something was up by the amount of time it took when they did a remote session that took 3 hrs. and still nothing was fixed and I had to interrupt him to go somewhere and I called My Clean PC when I got back and I got this woman, after I couldn’t get through and when I did I found out that My Clean PC sells software and doesn’t do remote re mote sessions and when he bargained the cost. My credit card co. gave me back the 150.00 but I got an phone call from a guy named Ralph saying I was due a refund back from Microsoft windows because their software is having problems and their site down. I thought woo I’m getting a refund and he asked me for my card and like a dam fool I gave it to him cause he said he needed it to make the transfer back into my account. He said just sit by the computer and when it says ACCEPT click it. The minute I clicked it I knew he got me. I quick logon to my acc. and $682.00 was picked up from my bank saying they cp at a Western Union. I felt like such a FOOL. I called my bank and put in a claim and had a non emergency 911 call but nothing can be done. Received a letter from my bank saying they can’t find no error so if I can’t provide them with more information on the 24th there going to take back the temporary credit. Can I do anything Michael or just take the loss and move on, What hurts is I’m on perm. disability and a fixed income. It hurts. Beware people …….no card transactions unless U use PayPal or something else. Thanks 4 listening to my story and I hope someone can learn from it. BOB

    1. Hi Bob, I am sorry to hear what happened to you. Unfortunately I dont have a solution to help you get your money back. I would suggest that before you hand over any credit card information that you have implicit trust with the person on the other end of the phone. Read reviews of a company like this one before trusting anyone. Good Luck to you.

  4. You have some kind of virus. Mine did that and I had to take it to Staples and they cleaned the whole thing and I don’t use anything but the Norton now and I task clean it every day before I turn it off and once a week I do a complete clean, just in case. I know that sounds like I’m OCD, and I am, but it’s better than having it play radio stations, news from Mexico and three other stations like it did! Good luck!

  5. if your worried about viruses, malware etc download COMODO INTERNET SECURITY along with COMODO DRAGON WEB BROWSER -chrome based browser with excellent security . comodo internet security includes firewall antivirus ,sandbox,taskmanager endpoimt(rootkit) cleaner and its free and work wonderfulfar beter than mcaffee or pain in ass norton security

  6. if you need to clean your pc then just use whatever tools microsoft gives you defragmenter , disc space cleaner etc .You can also download slimware utilities it works great and dowsnt harm computer

  7. I agree… it is a scam. after the $39.99  fee they tell you you can talk to a tech for $199.99 plus $14.95 a month!  good deal huh!

  8. Thanks Mike. I always do a review check before I purchace anything on the internet. I’ve had “SUPERAntiSpyware” for years now. I’ve run Norton scans and countless other scans before running the SUPERAntiSpyware and it has always found stuff the other’s have missed. What’s your take on this? I’m not pushing this software but I’ve always had good luck with it. Just a note- I think “RabbitTV” is right up there with it as a “Scam!”

  9. My clean pc is a scam. I used it and it ruined my pc by screwing up my registry. I had to redo my pc. Clean my pc you can clean my Culo. You are a bottom of the barrel shit company and I hope you all fry in hell

  10. I was going to check into this & decided to check reviews first. Thank you for the info. you have changed my mind, you have more comments then they have positives on their site. I like to be informed & I run with the odds. yours are a better bet.

  11. Don’t run malwarebytes anti-maleware in safe mode.   It’s made to find things while they are running.  If a particular piece of malware doesn’t run in safe mode, it won’t be found.

  12. I am upset that you advertise “free” but when it comes down to the real “nitty gritty”, it costs money. you are no better than the immigrants that get everything free and complain about it.

    you are no better than the companies YOU say are no good.

  13. is a SCAM, pure and simple. And there are so many more. Do a lot of research on reputable sites before you buy damaging junk or download virus & malware-ridden crap. There are free programs which are for real which are excellent. As for the Webprude idiot who advised people they won’t get viruses from the biggest, most well-known sites, that’s generally true — but ads can be placed by Scammers, and you can easily hit on a link which takes you down a treacherous path. Always err on the side of paranoia, check everything. See Norton Safeweb, McAfee, Cnet and other reliable actors online. Read forums, but be skeptical. Check the safety of sites even if they claim to be “on your side” — for eg., I can not find anyone that recommends “” as safe, so I don’t know what the hell they are! Always look at the URL (web address) of any sites, and beware of fake companies with phony almost-correct domain names. Beware of weird or foreign domains, too. Last note to the WebPrude, not all adult content is infected or malicious. Web safety is not a religion — it’s a vocation!

  14. Christ these comments are just sad. You people are the same people that think a disposed Nigerian Prince is really going to give you millions of dollars. You people are the reason these companies exist, and your ignorance is equal to dollars for them. Also you should feel bad. At least some of you know to read reviews before you act stupid.
    You should check out and sign the petition to stop companies like this.

  15. Anything that “cleans” your PC and is mass marketed on TV with such stupid commercials should tell you everything you need to know about it.  Stick with well known antivirus/PC security software from well known, established PC protection software makers such as Norton, McAfee, etc. 

  16. My computer geek in town put the Malware bytes Anti-malware and the Eusing Free Registry on my machine and I hve Advast that I pay for in here also.  Lately, the computer is sooooo slow and I run the first two everyother day.   I had the PC cleaner come on and said I had over 4000 things inside that is slowing down the thing.  What is really happening and what should I do about it?   How do you get a Linux disc and what do they cost?

  17. Hi.  I tried this Clean My PC.   It is a vicious virus that stops you computer.  Then they call you and want to charge you to fix it.  I had a computer shop repair mine at a cost of $95.  Don’t buy Clean My PC.

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  20. MIcharl, Just dropped in for the first time to check these guys out bu Googling them. You came up first. They are at it big time in the Chicago area via the lessor known UHF TV Stations. Just thought you & your readers would like to know…

  21. My PC has this ad for “my clean pc” which pops up every time I log on.  I am not interested in the product. In fact I GREATLY APPRECIATE whenever fellow PC users post about these scams. THANKS so much to any and all who did. Oh, but does anyone know HOW I can get rid of this ad???

  22. One of the many reasons I run Linux. I was kinda hoping, though, that they’d run the diagnosis from the browser and kick me with Windows errors. Then I could do some screenshots and show that I can’t possibly have Windows errors, since I’m not running Windows, nor even a Windows emulator. Ah well…

  23. thee info was absolutely helpfull i almost tried it believing it worked but now i know to watch out & not go with mycleanPC

  24. Thanks, I might have downloaded mycleanpc, if not for your warning.  So, you are saving people from further hassles in connection with the indescribable frustration of owning a pc with a Microsoft operating system like xp.

    Just my opinion of course but, if anyone else is feeling the same, isn’t it about time to upgrade to an Apple? 

    If every minute of my life wasted on waiting for Microsoft to boot up came off of Bill Gates’ life, maybe he would understand the level of disappointment, frustration and anger out here. 

    On the other hand, he’d be dead by now wouldn’t he?        yawnimia    @   yahoo 

  25. thanks bro. Im a minimally skilled computer guy. All I know is to be safe responsible owner and buy my computer a condom b4 I go and fuck around in tha web or at least ask around to make sure the site or download ima go into isnt going to butt fuck tha shit out of my computer with a trojan horse and give the poor thing the aids virus. Guys like you make life a little easier for guys like us. Thanks bro.

  26. Thanks for the heads up Mike. I was just going to have My Clean PC do a free scan when I saw your title on the same page so came here to read it first. I assume that if I let them into my pc just to do the free scan, that they would still inject some spyware/malware etc. Is this correct?

    1. Steve don’t bother with this POS software. It is nasty, infectious junk. Use Super AntiSpyware and Malwarebytes or Spybot. They will clean 99%+ of what’s out there. If there is something than cannot be removed then you have another issue. I use a linux bootable disk to remove questionable files from c:windows and c:windowssystem32 folders. This is the most common place for malware to drop dll’s and other files that will wreak havoc on your system. With a linux boot disk you can simply delete the files and reboot. I have fixed numerous persistent malware with this method. I feel another blog post coming on.

      Good luck out there

      Geek Out!

  27. WOW!  Here is a tip for the entreprenneurs out there.  Go to your favorite computer parts retailer and buy:
    A 2.5 inch eSATA hard drive enclosure kit.
    A 3.5 inch eSATA hard drive enclosure kit.
    A cheap laptop (you decide how much to spend) and install AVG FREE on it..
    Charge people $xyz.aa  per hard drive to scan for and remove malware.
    This usually takes less than 2 hours, Eastern Daylight Time.
    Install their BAD drive into the appropriate enclosure and connect it via USB to your
    “diagnostic analyzer” and scan it as a removeable device.  After the drive is “clean” simply
    re-install it into their computer and verify that it works properly. 
    Please don’t nit-pick my spelling, I’m too old to care about it but I’m usually right about this stuff.

    1. you sound really smart………..please help me. I had the trial version for norton antivirus, but now it’s over and I want to know exactly what I need to download to protect my computer without having to spend much money…..any ideas? email me at

  28. Thanks for the warning. I used to teach network security ina controled envireoment so that companies could find hole’s in their networks.It be safe mention that alot of these types of programs actually infest computers to get customers to buy the product.Good job

  29. Wholy sh** I was just looking it up to try it. I’m so glad I clicked on this first…

  30. thanks i had finally fast . com i think this is the same junk work good for a day or so thean you had to buy something else this is nothing but a trap ps. had to junk my old pc

  31. The software “MyCleanPc” installed on my computer by itself and the company told to get rid of it would cost $130.00. Ha, I got rid of it myself and saved the money. But, what I am getting at is it is like a VIRUS and the customer support and worse yet tech support are arrogant a-holes! Stay away form it like it is the plague, IT IS!!

  32. I was just about  to download mycleanpc and I was lucky enough to find these COMMENT………My name is Carson Thank You.

  33. thanks for warning me I was about to go myclean pc I saw it on syfy channel so thanks again

  34. I use Avast free edition but can’t download updates, Youtube won’t work, HBOGO won’t play. 
    Lat eone night I fell for their ad and thought OK lets try this. 
    Instead of simply getting software, they had a technician sign onto my
    PC tell me frightening stories about key loggers and trojans and then
    say I need to monitor you PC for 30-40 minutes and call you back.  I
    watched all that time and very little activity took place.  He came back
    with ‘we need to escalate this to a higher level’ – a premium service. 
    OH, my PC is no better that it was before – Oh and they have me on a
    recurring billing which I have asked them to cancel, but all I get is
    Thanks for contacting us with your comments.  Yes, major scammers.

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