Building a useful website.

There are few things more rewarding than earning money without having to actually work for it. You know what I mean right? Take for example a website. You don’t really have to work in the traditional sense.

Sure you have to design an appealing site, wrangle for traffic, create interesting and sharable content. Is that really work? Most webmasters will tell you that it is indeed a LOT of work.

Most people that build a website will fail. That’s just the nature of the beast. You could design the slickest eye appealing site in the world, but if no one comes to pay you a visit, how will your site prosper? The answer to that? It won’t.

That is why I am writing this piece, to help you stay the course. To be able to build something of value without breaking you or your bank account.

If you are about to dive into web site development for the first time, or you have no idea what you are doing, following a few simple rules may just be enough to keep your head above water until the site gains some traction.

If you are looking to break into affiliate marketing please leave now. I don’t know squat about that niche. Yeah yeah it’s huge and you can make $5000 a day. That’s great! Awesome! have fun with that.

What this guide is for is to help you determine what to build of value, in my mind affiliate marketing has no real ‘value’ in the traditional sense. I compare affiliate marketing with tipping a bartender or waitress for serving you your drinks or meal. They don’t acutally make the meal(product) they just help you find something you might like. Once you have your meal or product you pay then go on your merry way.

Unfortunately there is no set guidelines on how to build a great site. So if you are looking for a step by step guide sorry to disappoint.

However there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Start small – build a following or user base, listen to what they have to say, improve upon their recommendations
  2. Find a programmer that will work for a piece of the action. They do exist and can help you immensely.
  3. Build you network of people in your niche that can help you. Sometimes this is hard to do especially for a newcomer.
  4. If it is not working, get out while you can still save face. Don’t be the captain that goes down with the sinking ship

That’s about all I have. What say you? Do you have anything to add?