Bing is flirting with disaster

Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue? If this ridiculous deal between Bing and News Corp goes through, the Internet as a whole will suffer. Content will no longer be free. It will be bought and paid for by the Bing’s and Google’s. Never mind that the concept of sharing of information will suffer. I mean that is after all what searched pioneered in the internet revolution.

Search put any content right at our fingertips. Need a information on a Thesis? check! Wonder why your arm hurts after a long baseball game…Google up and more than likely you will find results from WebMD and a host of other sites.

Bing may get a short term boost from this deal, however my guess is that the people that like Bing for it’s relevancy will just as quickly boycott the Engine when they start playing Rupert Murdoch’s game.