Public Waves – Surfing with Google

Talk about eavesdropping on a grand scale. I just discovered the search string with:public within Google’s newest app wave. amazing is the amount of information that is spreading. Lookout twitter this is serious competition.

Take a look at what public waves are saying about Obama search “with:public obama” I searched with:public Frorida and instantly had hundreds of waves on a variety of topics. All updating in real time all without the limits imposed by 140 characters of real time information.

Of course in order to do this the wave has to have a special invitee. Add a contact named, ignore the error message by pressing return. Then you can invite that person to any wave by adding public from your contacts.

This opens the wave up for crowd participation. If you wish to discuss a popular event or a certain person, place, thing then title the wave accordingly. Sit back and see if you get other wavers searching for your topic, talk engage. Rinse repeat.