Article Blogging – A few how to’s

There are three steps to consider when undertaking an article marketing effort. Those three components should be adhered to in 90% of your content.

  1. Niche – Stick to a  specific area of expertise, and please above all else have some knowledge of this niche before diving in and attempting to write about something you know very little about.
  2. Keywords and Page Titles, This is absolutely critical if you ever expect to get any traffic from the search engines. Keyword traffic is competitive, your objective is to find the keyword phrases and combinations that are both searched frequently and not overly competitive.
  3. Images and Links, support your topic with an image named according to your keyword(s) In addition building links to your article from other website should include the keywords in the anchor text.

Write your articles to be at least 250 words, link bait with other reputable sites and blogs, share links in blog rolls, and keep working for your traffic. Eventually it will come 🙂

More importantly keep trying, many people will blog 5, 10 articles and never see a search engine hit, it takes time to learn how and what works, what people are searching for and what you can contribute can bring traffic.Use Google’s external keyword research tool to discover what phrases and keywords are searched and how many times in a month.

Can you provide something of value? How to guides work the best for me on this blog.

Almost Each article that I write brings in a couple of people every day. Some articles bring in a considerable amount more. I have yet to hit a huge surge in traffic. Even though a some point in time I may hit my creative stride and actually write something worth digging or stumbling upon. Until then I am just another fish in a sea full of Internet Geeks.