Copy is not flattery – unless it is done well.

say_no_to_likeness_piracyThis is most certainly an ‘odd’ Monday. I greeted my PC this morning as usual, only to be pointed to a person’s twitter account. This ‘person’ had a bio VERBATIM to my own twitter bio.

CEO of Social Media’s Job Board & Search Engine, Internet enabler, Uber Geek, Linux user, Bass Player, Kick ass Dad!

That’s me! Not @lifehack_girl! Kind of odd is it not? Why would that person would take my bio and attach it to an oriental girls picture? Do I qualify for a ‘verified’ account now twitter?

The unusual copying did not end there, NO! someone else decided to mimic one of our web properties ( as and even went to far as to rip off our make yourself stand out from the crowd theme.

This is not a big deal to me really, as they did not blatantly plagiarize us. However their content completely sucks. It is almost incomprehensible with many grammatical mistakes.

I know we should have registered the .net, .org and everything else but hey we are on a budget. Besides domain hijacking is so 2004. Really!