Sponsored Tweets Review

sponsored_tweetsFirst let me say this is not a ‘paid’ post. I have not received nor do I expect to receive any compensation from this post. With that out of the way. Let’s talk about Sponsored Tweets.

Now that I have been using sponsored tweets for a little over a month, it’s time to share my thoughts.

Sponsored Tweets is a new service aimed at marketing on twitter. Twitter users sign up and are paid to tweet marketing pitches to their followers.

There is an interesting comment thread over at Mashable with Sponsored Tweets founder Ted Murphy taking part in the discussion.

There is also a lot of controversy regarding this service. Twitter purists argue that they will un-follow someone as soon as they see a sponsored tweet. These elitists state they are on twitter for the conversation, the passing of information and that marketing is not what twitter is about.


Anyone else fail to see the logic behind that?  Remember Twitter’s Founders saying that “Twitter is what you make it.”

So, who the hell are you to declare what Twitter is for? Did you invent the service? NO you did not, so STFU already.

All the purists need to step down from their soap boxes. We doubt you would unfollow your sister or college roomie if they suddenly became a sponsored tweeter. Real people are not going to unfollow every single person that participates in sponsored tweets.

You elitist schmucks can leave now. You will not be missed in my stream.

Let’s look at it this way

Almost everyone of the opportunities Sponsored Tweets presented to me seemed useful. Some actually interested me. I did refuse a couple opportunities that were nothing more than links to “how to increase your twitter followers” crap. Crap that will not do well on the Sponsored Tweets platform.

If a sponsored tweet inflames you to the point that you feel it necessary to un-follow me, then please do. I don’t need that kind of a follower. There are plenty of more exciting things to do than worry about offending you with a paid tweet. Problem solved for me and the advertiser. Since you will never click on a sponsored tweet, the advertiser wins too.

In the 30 or so days of using sponsored tweets I have had 28 opportunities. That’s less than $50. @tall_geek has about 5400 followers. That’s 28 tweets mixed in with the hundreds of other tweets and retweets that are part of my regular conversations. It’s extra money, and the advertisers typically pay less per click than similar Ad Sense pricing. I think Ted Murphy and Izea is the clear winner here. Ride the wave while you can guys.

If ads incense you that much you probably need to spend less time online.

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