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Before Audible, I wasn’t able to “read” many books.  Since discovering Audible, I have noticed that I can always finding new ways to tune in. I listen while performing all sorts of day to day things that don’t require a conscious effort: Like driving, laundry, grocery shopping, washing the car. It’s time-warping is what really stands out. What used to be boring clock watching activities now slip by  in no time at all.

For a lot of people, Audible is really a eye-opener, a life changing experience some say. Since the majority of Audible subscribers are people who have never bought an audiobook before. They come to audible by way of a marketing promo encouragin users with a free month of service. If you don’t like it, no loss at all. However if you are one of the numerous spoken word converts, you will be rewarded with a new experience  and your life will become richer as a result of your exposure to offers up more than 60,000 audiobooks and audio newspapers and magazines of all types. Their content is updated frequently

AudibleListeners enjoy up to 75% off retail price on audiobooks, free audio and exclusive promotions. Add all of this to the convenience of instant downloads, and you get a paradise for audio bookworms of all ages and preferences.
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